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    I have an Uber Skiver modeling knife that I purchased from Bill Northrop at Model Builder years ago. Does anyone know where I can get replacement baldes??


    I think they use a standard scalpel blade. I lost mine several moves ago so this is from memory.


    “I used to like dope but now I can’t remember why”
    Is your quote based on any evidence?
    Do dope fumes have any permanent effect on the brain?
    Why is it that wives always hate the smell of dope?


    People that spray paint into a bag and sniff it until they are loopy are called HUFFERS on this side of the pond. Remember when there was a big tadoo about glue sniffing, something. In the states now if you buy paint or solvents they have to make sure that you are over 18 years old or they can’t sell to you. In both cases they are concentrating the fumes from acetone, MEK and all of the rest of the solvents. They have demonstrated brain loss in these folks and we do / did the same thing while doping planes years ago in enclosed rooms or poorly ventilated ones. A farm house basement in my case. That is the source of my signature.


    I realise my memory is dreadful now (age 60yrs).I always wondered why I have gradually become dafter.I think actually we don’t get anywhere near as high dose as glue sniffers.I never felt any “highs” when doping,even in my small bedroom with the heater on and the door shut! I would be more worried about its effect on the liver.
    Now ether in diesel fuel is another matter.I am just composing a list of hazards we face.My main annoyance now is sneezing with balsa dust,and I am extremely careful when cutting carbon fibre.
    If health and safety ever got wind of us, aeromodelling would be restricted to a fume cupboard.
    C.F. particles stuck in lungs
    Dope Solvents affecting brain and liver
    Rubber lubricant- diarrhoea
    Ether- sleep,liver and brain damage,coma,kidney failure.
    Hand injuries from prop
    RSI from prop flicking
    Injuries from broken rubber.
    Burns from glow plugs
    Shock and cardiac arrest from HT lead off Sparkies (maybe not)
    Anxiety neurosis from maiden flights,usually followed by depression.
    RTAs travelling to events
    Uncontrolled imagination when time keeping.
    Ever tried smelling Amyl Nitrate? Don’t.It gives you a sudden thump in the head,but it does relieve angina,and drops blood pressure.
    God knows what nitromethane does.I haven’t tried that one yet.
    Dont try walking whilst using binoculars.If you fall head first the injury is called a “LeFort” fracture.Google that one if you want to be cheered up.
    Spearing injuries from Cyclon engines in F1C and F1J models just slightly out of trim.


    @catboat wrote:

    I have an Uber Skiver modeling knife that I purchased from Bill Northrop at Model Builder years ago. Does anyone know where I can get replacement baldes??

    Just had a customer contact me about the Uber Skiver knife and blades. Did some web searching to answer him and saw this post. Same applies as the customer question, so I am repeating it hear for the benefit of all.

    The blades are nothing special. They are scalpel blades that have the solid portion at the end of the attachment groove snapped off. You can easily do the same if you use carbon steel scalpel blades and some pliers. For the handle the closest I can find is the Excel K18
    It is a rear blade release handle just like the Uber Skiver.

    Many people just get a scalpel handle and scalpel blades and use that instead. Because the magic with the Uber Shiver was the scalpel blades the cut action is the same and you don’t have to mess with trimming the back off blades. We sell scalpel handles and #11 carbon steel scalpel blades.

    Hope that helps?

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