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    Who makes ultrakote and where can I get it?

    Dean McGinnes

    Ultracote is made by Hangar 9. I think it originally was a Goldberg product, but I may be wrong.

    All the rc (never capitalize) wholesalers carry it. Tower Hobbies, Hobby Lobby, Hobbico, etc. Do a Google search.

    It comes in two weights. I use Ultracote Lite for 1/2A’s. Regular UltraCote is used on anything gas above 450 square inches. You will find it is really easy to use, and is a bit stiffer than Monocote and Coverite/Coverlite.

    Easiest iron-on I have ever used.


    It’s the same thing as Oracover. As Dean said, It’s very user-friendly. I’ve ordered it from these people in the past http://www2.mailordercentral.com/quantummodels/ Jim

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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