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    I have been building and flying a plane designed by Ray Acord in 1949 called the “Champion.” It has a 345 projected sq. In. wingspan and I am using a K&B Greenhead .09 on it. It weighs 14 oz. Would this plane be eligible in Vintage FAI V-1?

    Is there a list of eligible planes available for the various catagories?


    The vintage rules are here on the NFFs web site.
    Go to Competition Flying, Free Flight rules, Vintage Rules

    I don’t see a list of models so I think its your responsibility to show (prove) what era your model fits.

    Hopefully some power guys will help. JIM

    Glenn Schneider

    Your airplane will qualify for first era vintage, the engine is one of those listed for the era, the power loading (200gms/ cc) is within limits and the wing loading (2.75oz/100sq in) is also OK. Congratulations you are one of the very few who get to fly with a 20 second engine run. Almost any design published in the era that meets the loading requirements could have been flown as an FAI model. The Zeek and Kiwi come to mind as both were used as FAIs. If you are here on the Left coast, the next contest is this Sunday at Lost Hills. Hope to see you there. Thermals, Glenn


    Thanks for the input Glenn. There is a SCAMPS contest at Perris Sunday and I’ll probably go to that one because it includes more events that I have planes for. But now that I know I won’t be thrown out on my ear with my little Champion I’ll find a contest to fly it in. pr

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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