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    Norm Furutani

    Vintage FAI Gas:
    Dave Parsons has agreed to be Vint Gas event director. This will be the first test of the 2010 rules. We discussed and prepared the following statement for Isaacson use:

    The intent of the vintage FAI event is to build and fly the historic FAI power models
    as they were originally designed in a competition where the rules have reproduced each time
    period in such a way as to make one period reasonably competitive with the others. (from NFFS rules)
    For the 2010 Isaacson Winter Classic, vintage power models from any era will be allowed to compete in any later era, provided that the model is configured to satisfy the requirements of the later era. The proper era is determined by the engines designated as eligible for that particular era. A model cannot compete in an era that is earlier that the era of its design.
    The complete rules are available at:

    Glenn Schneider

    Vintage FAI at the Issacson is on the books. We had three fliers, myself, Dave Parsons, and Tom Laird. I flew an Amazoom 500 with an OS Max I, Dave flew a Dream Weaver with a Max III and Tom flew a Jay’s Bird also with a MaxIII. Under the new rules, I was allowed a 20 second run and the others 13 seconds VTO. The Max I performed no differently from the Max III that had been in the Amazoom previously giving me a huge height advantage. Cries of “NO FAIR” from Dave as the plane topped out!and a promise to revise the rules to take this into account. Thoughts were to restore the 20 second run to the second era including the Max III’s. 20 second runs are a hoot and the real attraction to the event we felt. That plus the much greater availability of Max III’s would improve participation. Walt, you were right! The results, Amazoom,1, Dream Weaver, 2. Tom had to drop out after two rounds when his RCDT quit working. We decided to make the fifth round a 4 minute max, I made it and Dave was on his way to but DT’d early to settle the event. We each flew A NOS since we had extra time with the extended rounds with the same final standing. The new Vintage rules are on trial and it is evident that some revisions are in order particularly in regard to the Max I vs III. Thermals, Glenn


    Vintage FAI gas will be flown on Friday, August 5, 2010 at the NATS.

    What engine runs are recommended? Obviously 20 second engine runs on a 3 minute field is pretty stupid?

    As far as spectacular, an engine timer malfunction is always spectacular.

    When I flew FAI power in the late 1950s, the engine run was 15 seconds, and that is plenty of performance. Actually 12 seconds for these models would make it more of a competition, and the later years should be pushed down accordingly.

    So what should the engine runs be on smaller fields?


    I’ve got to say the 20 sec run is a bit ridiculous. The first generation FAI models used 20 secs, true enough, but they were flying ROG and against 5 minute maxes. In ’55 and ’56 they flew the same spec of model, but 15 secs run, ROG and 3 minute maxes.

    Basically we take 3 minutes as a normal max today, and cut accordingly for small fields etc. I think our starting frame of reference should be 15 secs run for the old models – if they ROG. If not (it is a bit hazardous, after all) the old 200 gm/cc models should really be flown off 13 secs run and hand launch. For a 2 minute max, 10 secs should be plenty.

    My thoughts, anyway.


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