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    Dear free flight flyer!
    W-Hobby team is glad to inform about home page updates and New products.
    It is fair to say that LDA models are pretty much mainstream today. What used to be just a fly-off model now is becoming a regular rounds model and so has to be able to fly in any conditions including low/high wind and high turbulence. The new trend however is to build and fly shorter LDA models with hybrid airfoil and now W-Hobby has designed one as well.
    We are introducing a New product Electronic Superba LDA Short Model http://w-hobby.com/?p=Superba%20LDA%20Short
    W-Hobby invites you to join the LDA flyer ranks by introducing a top of the line 2320mm F1A glider with LDA wings capable of launch heights of up to 100m! http://w-hobby.com/?p=Superba%20LDA
    Following release of new version of Electronic timer, W-Hobby have added a new generation glider fuselage to the product line as well.
    With new wing wiggler and buntroller now!
    Extremely strong LDA wings and usual wings with reinforced spars are ready for your use!
    Here you will find even more of everything http://w-hobby.com/?p=Price
    Please join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/140620922635385/
    We are kindly ask you take an opportunity to purchase our best products.
    W-Hobby team is ready for your new orders!

    W-Hobby Free Flight

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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