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    First, a question… I have an original Walston DTR-3 receiver here that came with the leather case mouse and rat eaten. Anyone know of a good source for a similar leather case? Or have one sitting around as a spare?

    Second, I’m consolidating my retrieval gear where I have band overlaps. That means I have a couple of extras I’d like to sell to a good home. Here’s what I have available:

    1 DTR-3 Walston receiver on 217.387-412, 217.487-512, 217.587-612 with a new standard dry cell battery holder, no case, otherwise good condition, $100

    1 DTR-3 Walston receiver on 217.087-112, 217.187-212, 217.287-312 with Nicads (I believe it was supplied that way from Walston, the pack charges and work ok) with a charger, no case, well-used $100

    1 DTR-3 Walston receiver leather case, $10

    1 MODAZ338 Walston transmitter on 217.094, well used, tested with 2nd receiver above, $65

    1 Walston non-folding antenna $50

    1 Walston folding antenna $65

    I’ve tested all inside with transmitters that match and all are ok. I will do outside distance testing on each transmitter if requested for an additional $20 (or $20 for both if someone buys both and wants a distance test).

    All plus actual shipping and Paypal fees.

    I’d prefer to sell the transmitter with the matching receiver, but am not tied to that.

    Reply directly to gstew at stewart dash miyake dot net if interested. Can send pix if interested.

    Greg in Mississippi

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