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    James Hack

    I am looking for a set of plans for the “C” size Dixielander.

    George Reinhart

    It might be easier and cheaper to make your own in the size you think is appropriate, maybe cheaper too.
    Get a set of regular sized plans.
    Measure the original wing size (somewhere around 350 sq. in. as I remember0).
    Pick the size wing you think is appropriate for the engine you plan to use and divide that by the original size.
    Then, find the square root of the area (size) factor, this will be the multiplier for all the linear dimensions of the original plan.
    With the multiplier known you can go to a local Kincos/Fedex store to make a large scale print from the original using the multiplier.
    Pick reasonable wood sizes and you can’t go wrong.
    I usually add a turbulator spar in the forward 1/3 and remember too, that’s a really big leading edge.
    The stab is really thin and pretty flimsy thus prone to warping if built too light (ask me how I know).
    A very successful design and rumor has it that it was the progenitor for the Pearl series.
    The hardwood beam mounts really work well but most convert to some kind of radial mount.
    Built like the plans say, the CG will be very close without having to add much, if any, ballast.

    Steve Jensen

    Bob Holman lists the 600 Dixielander plans.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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