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    Hi All,
    I’ve been in this group for a little while now, and decided to go ahead and throw this out there, so here goes. I’m

    legally blind, I can still build & see/follow sight of models in flight, it just wouldn’t be wise at all to drive

    an automobile. I also walk with a cane due to a severe car crash in 1995. I posting to get everyone’s thoughts on

    the feasability of what I’m wanting to do and advice, suggestions, & recommendations on how to possibly accomplish

    it. I’ve been building & flying models for about 30 yrs. FF for about 10 yrs. I’m wanting to enter the realm of F1B

    competition, I live in N FL & realize there is only one other active F1B flyer in the state right now. I would be

    looking to share rides, travel & fuel costs as well as split hotel/ motel costs with other fliers of any class FF

    models to a few contests around the country throughout the year, I am self sufficient other than driving and would

    need some chase assistance at the flying field. Again just wanted to put this out & see what everyone thinks, I’ll

    be posting on other groups also, as well as NFFS site. you may reply to me via grp/ web post or directly (off

    group) if you prefer at flyerj66@yahoo.com anyway, just wanted this out there B-4 I put out @ $3K and wind up with

    equipment that I can’t use.

    Thank You All In Advance For Any Replies,

    James Strickland

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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