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    Need complete nva for .19 Greenhead. Recieved a decent .19 minus nva. Thanks,Dan

    Dean McGinnes

    OS Needle valve assemblies for the .15 or .19/.20’s can be substituted. I also got some remote NVA’s from Stuka Stunt Works. I think that is the correct name. They came with a bracket to mount them behind the engine or on a mounting lug to keep the fingers away from the prop.I am at work so will check when I get home tonight.

    Some of the very best NVA’s are made by Henry Nelson. They are relatively fine thread, and have a collet locking mechanism. Really super zoot for a pressure system. As the spraybar is also rather hefty they should also work for suction feed, if you are masochist enough to use it.

    Bladders Be Better πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 8) 8)

    I have used both the OS and Nelson units so far. My T-Bird came out nose heavy so I didn’t use the remote assemblies. Since the engine is inverted and the timer/fuel shutoff is on the left side, my fingers get blasted by the exhaust when needling the engine! Not much fun, but bearable.

    Send me your email address, and I can take some photos to show you my setup. I will include photos of the various NVA’s as well. You will have to wait until Thursday for the photos.


    Dean McGinnes

    I haven’t heard from you via email but here is some follow-up information.

    Stuka Stunt works has a web site.


    They have an extensive line of supplies including a wide variety of NVA assemblies such as those I have mentioned.

    Nelson Competition Engines does not have a website I can locate, but Henry Nelson’s email address is:


    If you insist on a K & B NVA, I probably have one I can part with. The OS and Nelson units are much superior, especially if you use bladders (recommended).

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    Sorry Dean for not getting to you sooner. I was going to email you this morning , but went flying. Almost 80’s today in Tucson and had the day off. I’ll try the OS smaller nva’s. I have a K&B .19 in a Spacer A/B and this is a backup engine. I would like to find a real good .23 but are hard to find. Most are burnt up or repainted burnt up. I will send you a email soon. Regards,Dan


    Dean McGinnes

    No problem.

    I have a real strong .23 Greenless Head. I call it that because I substituted a head made by Bob Mattes. It is good for a few hundred revs, but more importantly, will take the nearly bullet-proof Nelson plug.

    You might check his ad in Free Flight Digest, or contact him at:


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