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    Steve Jensen

    I need a couple Crocket pacifier fittings and a couple of the brass adapters for the hole in an APC 1/2A prop. PM me if you have some you would sell.
    Steve Jensen

    Denny Dock

    Hey Steve,
    I use auto parts store windshield wiper line connectors for my pacifier fittings. Check your brass tubing scraps for a apc adapter. I believe I made a couple from stock material.
    Hope this helps,


    I use the Texas Timers pacifier fittings; they work very well. I usually just cut pieces of aluminum tubing to make spacers for the APC props. Quick and easy with an X-atco knife!



    The irrigation department at your local hardware/garden store is a great source of useful pacifier and bladder fittings.
    The 4mm size works well for most stuff, among the fittings are Tee fittings, One goes to the engine, one is a fill line and the bladder or pacifier is cable tied onto the third. There’s also miniature restricters, 90 Degree fittings etc etc.
    If you’re using bladder tube the “Goof Plugs” are ideal for bladder ends.
    I used them for combat before I started flying FF….
    I’ve had good success with aquarium fittings for 1/2a sizes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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