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    I’m not a fan of the Ramrod, but I am catching up on a few of the past year’s models with a Bounty Hunter and a Mini Pearl going onto the board. I figured they’d be good models for my return to FF gas models… plus they are both bits of nostalgia for me, I built a M-Pearl back in ’74 or so as my 2nd FF gas model and the B-Hunter was part of the inspiration for my first successful power model, using Jetex.

    While they aren’t current one-design ships, I’d like to keep them O-D legal in case a mass O-D event is flown in the future… and both would be reasonable classic gas ships too.

    So what can I do to them in the way of mods and still keep them legal?

    I assume that outline is important… so the swept rudder and Hornier tips (inspired by Dave Rounsaville’s Excelsior FAI model) I did on my ’74 M-Pearl are out, right?

    I saw several people talking about adding CF rods to the fuselages of BH’s & RRods, so I assume they are ok as long as I don’t mess with the outline. Right?

    Then what about structural changes. The M-Pearl is from a Cambell partial kit, so I’ll be using the original spar sizes and layout… but I’d really like to add a couple of turbulator spars to the M-Pearl stabilizer. Is that ok?

    And then, what about detail changes? For example, I’d like to use a SHOC stab platform instead of the platform-stop-hook-peg setup shown on my old M&P M-Pearl plans. I’d also do my wing band runners with CF rods instead of the spruce. Then I’d like to do a viscous timer instead of fuse for DT. And of course, I’d use an external-mounted bladder instead of the internally-mounted hard tank on the plans. I assume changes like this are all ok. Right?

    Thanks in advance for helping me stay legal!

    Greg in Mississippi (usetabe Minneapolis)

    Ralph Hotz

    My understanding is that you can make any structural changes to strenghthen the model. I hope this helps. Ralph

    Dean McGinnes


    As to One Design, look at the Nostalgia Gas rules to see what mods are allowed. Same rules apply.

    You probably would get away with adding top spars to the stab of the Mini Pearl although it hardly needs it. Most built from the Campbell parts are just fine as it, box stock.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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