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    Dean McGinnes

    I am looking for a good winder for my grandson.

    It should be able to handle a coupe. I am using a converted hand drill, but it is a bit large for him to manage. He is a little guy.

    I am familiar with the Gizmo Geezer system. What else is out there in today’s market.

    I need to know what is good, and most importantly, where I can purchase it.


    Bill Shailor

    Burdov makes a real nice little coupe winder with a built-in torque meter. Bob Tymchek sells them in the U.S. He runs an ad in the Classified section of the Digest.
    I bought one for my son and it fits his hand real well.


    The winder that Tymchek sells is made by Gorban and yes it is very nice!

    Bill Shailor

    Sorry, I got my Russians confused! 😳


    Hi Bill

    I think Gorban is from the Ukraine. The Ukraine and Russia have been different for awhile.

    I purchased a F1G winder from Bob Tymchek. I quickly sold it when I got my first Yuri Blazehevich F1G winder.

    I handle Yuri’s winders, both F1B and F1G:

    They are probably more than Dean wants to pay for his grandson, but I rate the F1B winder at least equivalent to the Andriukov, and the F1G is just a smaller version with a lower reading torque meter. Both have torque meter and counters.

    I find the counter to be the most useful, and I am slowly learning to watch the torque also.

    Yuri is from the city of Kiev in the Ukraine also.


    >I find the counter to be the most useful, and I am slowly learning to watch the torque also.

    Concentrate on the torque meter, Dave – it’s infinitely more useful for consistent flying than the counter.

    Dean McGinnes

    Agreed, Torque tells the tale.

    Using a torque meter, even my home made one, I can test in a small field all the way to full torque, keep it on the field, and be all trimmed for contest motors.

    I already have my grandson using it. I don’t want him to waste time trying to count turns.

    Of course, torque and turns compared together is useful for comparing one motor to another, but it is torque that tells the tale.

    Opps! Repeating myself. A senior moment. 😆 😆 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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