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    Hey Y’all;

    What do ya think of diving in with this joker for a scratchbuild after a time out of the hobby?

    Saw this kitplane on cover of same name magazine at bookstore in Columbia Missouri while wife was in town for hip replacement surgery ➡ http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/7-photo115.html
    Enede up not buying the magazine since no 3-views or the like.
    Would check website for that kind of thing when got home.
    Did buy January 2009 Flying Models magazine.
    Might need to subscribe to that one.

    Apparently company is from here in Missouri too – Mexico Missouri is reasonably close to us here in Boonville and Columbia.

    Look at all those straight lines – that baby was Born for Balsa 😆

    But to do it in wheels or floats? I like floats but have never yet built one with floats.
    Wait a minute! What do I mean Either, Or???
    What kind of silly question is that?
    One of each 😀

    There’s gotta be a relationship between the step in the flaots and the balance point, center of lift, et cetera, it dawned the other day while looking at various flaotplane and flying boat photos.

    Y’all got any thoughts on that?

    Also picked up a Guillows Junior kit of “build by number” Super Cub 95 of 20 inch wingspan from Hobby Lobby there across from the mall for 30% off.
    Just simply wanted a kit on hand abd figured 30% 0ff of $10.95 was what I’d spend that day.
    Kathy ahd never seen a stick and tissue plane straight out of the box.
    Need to replace wood for LE and TE.
    Came with a sheet of grey and a sheet of white tissue. Would have preferred all white or yellow.

    From another magazine at bookstore – can ya believe it’s the 747’s 40th anniversary 😯

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