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    Dan McLeod


    I have an old, Tom H. was still alive, Zingo kit. I’d like to know how other modelers would build and fly the model. I can’t decide between three possibilities. Build it as designed, up to the weight the FAI class specified at the time, powering it with the nib Cox/K&B .15 I have, and fly it in vintage FAI f1c class. Or build it as light as practical and fly it in AMA “A” gas, powered with the fore mentioned engine or a decent Supertiger .15, currently sitting in the cupboard. A third option would be to beef up the wing a bit while keeping it light, new ribs, geodetic bracing, redesigned spars and carbon fiber and fly it in AMA gas class “A” and “B”, powered with the nib K&B 3.25 and the K&B 3.5 engines I own. Any comments from individuals currently flying the Zingo would be appreciated. Of consideration is the fact that I haven’t been building or flying for some time and I might get the most from building to fly in both “A” and “B” gas.
    Dan McLeod

    Bruce Hannah

    Dan I can give you a couple things to think about,one is if you use the Cox for Vintage FAI you will get a 7 sec. engine run,if you use the K&B you get a ten sec. run. Of course both must weigh 26.5 oz. The wing would work as is for the K&B but for the Cox you would need to stiffen it up a bit. Most FAI models of that time have wings in the 450 sq.in. range.I have one question for you is there any others flying Vintage FAI in your area? Not much fun to have the only Vintage FAI model around. Here in the Northwest we had 13 fly last year at our Aug. contest and we had a blast. But I flew down in Lost Hills once and got First & last I was the only one,maxed out but it lost most of it’s glory.


    I would think the K&B 3.25 and 3.5 would be too powerful for that airplane; they’re typically used on 600 sq. in. airplanes. It would be fast with the Conquest and a joy to fly with the Super Tigre.

    Scott Lapraik

    Dan, I’m planning on building a Zingo over the winter and plan on powering it with a Cox Conquest .15!!! Should be a screamer. Will be covering the wing and stab with Polyspan for strength and rigidity.


    Gene Ulm

    I’ve got a zingo built to vintage FAI with a very hot g15. It is nice but extremely slow. I was thinking about putting a cox conquest in it or a g15 tuned pipe — so I could keep 10 seconds. Were they not legal for a bit?

    If I ever get around to building another gas model I thought the zingo w the k/b 3.25/3.5 twins would be a great combo. Satellites are 450 squares and do nicely?

    Steve Jensen

    Gene- Vintage F1C Period 5, tuned pipes were allowed
    Models designed to rules in effect Jan. 1, 1966- Dec. 31, 1970


    Hi Gene and Dan,

    As Bruce states we have great contests in Tangent. BUT be sure to check your engine runs for Era 5. You only get 10 secs. if you’re running 3 minute maxes. Our last three contests were 2 minute maxes because of the winds. In that case you only get 7 secs. Another “but” is both first and second place at our recent contest were Era 5 and 7, though a really strong Era 1 was third. The fellow who won, Ed Decker, had a smoking Rossi in his Era 7 and managed a max and then some on fly off with a 4 sec. run in pretty stiff wind. So pays your money and takes your chances.



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