The Beginner's Corner

8-5-04Charlie JonesMuncie490This area is dedicated to the beginner. Here you will find information on models and events suitable for newcomers to free flight.

The Kisloon Glider 
An indoor glider design by Chuck Markos and Tim Gebhardt
Kisloon Glider Plan

An Indoor Towline Glider
Illustrated construction article by Chuck Markos for an indoor tow-line glider
Indoor Towline Glider
Indoor Towline Glider Plans

Foam Wing Hand Launched Gliders

Egg Crate Article
A simple rubber powered model made from egg cartons.


The Famous Whammy Series of Science Olympiad Planes

This series of indoor rubber powered airplanes designed by Chuck Markos represent a good choice for a beginner  who is is getting started with indoor rubber powered duration models.  The series starts with the Double Whammy for beginners, and progresses  to the Double Whammy – PennyPlane for the AMA indoor competition class called PennyPlane.  Finally, the Triple Whammy is a design adapted from the original Double Whammy by Bucky Servaites specifically for the Science Olympiad “Wright Stuff” event.

Have fun in building and flying each of these fine models! Gary Hinze’s web site dedicated to simple model aviation with illustrated, step-by-step tutorials on building and flying simple model airplanes and related topics.