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In addition to your Invitational, Regional, State, and National SO events, NFFS will strive to identify and host other flying opportunities. Often these will be at AMA-sanctioned events, where you will get to fly alongside expert indoor flyers, who will often bend over backwards to support youth flyers. In some cases, NFFS will arrange SO seminar flying sessions where the primary focus will be on SO Wright Stuff flying. We will also include Science Olympiad flying and coaching in our annual AMA/NFFS Nationals. Some of the AMA-sanctioned events may require AMA membership for insurance reasons. AMA membership for youth is only $15/year, and includes multi-million-dollar liability insurance, as well as a great magazine.

Upcoming Events:

UT Austin Invitational Flying Seminar: Sunday October 31
A full day of flying opportunities and coaching with Coach Chuck and Coach Dave of NFFS. Participants are encouraged but not required to enter the UTA Invitational on Saturday. Please sign up online so that we can provide proper planning.
See the attached flier for details.

Livingroom Flyer (Scraps) Postal Event
NFFS and SO are sponsoring an opportunity to build and fly a small living room rubber-powered airplane for fun competition. This competition begins in the Month of Flight, October 2021, and will continue through March 31, 2022.

      • Contest guidelines are here
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      • Contest results entry is here
      • Contest plane measurements entry (once per plane) is here
      • Scraps original plan with building notes is here
      • Scraps cleaned up outline plan is here