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The Comet Model News

TV News Story About Ken Johnson, Modeler and Designer of the NFFS Bird Logo

Valley Fever in the Central Valley, including segment at Lost Hills with Malcolm Campbell (F1A flyer from Australia). KVIE Television.


Three-Day F1E Contest in Poland

2016 Free Flight Nats by Bill Kuhl

Indoor Flying – Flite Test

A Rocket Powered Free Flight Model – Flite Test

A Very Unusual Flying Machine

A great overview of flying F1D indoor models with John Kagan.


“The Little Airplane” by Jascha Hoffman from Green Fuse Films on Vimeo
The Way it Was.

An Indoor Catapult Glider by Chuck Marcos for Scholastic Programs


One of Stan Buddenbohm’s indoor tip-launch glider flights at at the Tustin blimp hangar.
June 11, 2011


Trailer for “Float,” a beautiful new video on Indoor Flying by Phil Kibbe and Ben Saks.


Dhorman Crawford’s Rogallo Wing Indoor Model


On the technique and beauty of F1A gliders.With Per Findahl, video by Oskar Findahl.


Science Olympiad capacitor powered electric model airplane. Produced, directed and shot by Larry Michalowski.


Flying Rubber Models in the 1930s


Beautiful Documentary of the 2009 Free Flight World Championships in Croatia by Mario Omrcen.
 Part 1      Part 2      Part 3

Inflight video from Alan Albriss’ F1J at Barron Field, Wawayanda, NY

Flight of a Squirrel in a School Gym – new

Inflight Video from Tapio Linkosalo’s Wakfield, Finnish World Cup, “Bear Cup” – new

More Inflight Video from Carrol Allen at Waywayenda, New York – new

Inflight Video from Carrol Allen’s Wakefield over Barron Field near Wawayanda, NY
Rear View    Forward View

Stan Buddenbohm’s Record Breaking Indoor Glider Flight

2007 King Orange International, Palm Bay, Florida

Flying at Taft in the 1980s

1936 National Championships

Rubber Powered Models from the 1930s

Rubber Powered Free Flight

Rubber Powered Free Flight

RC Ornithopter TV Appearance

Oliver Cai Flying a Tip-Launch Glider at the 2009 AMA Nats

Day 1 – F1A at the 2009 FAI World Championships in in Krbavsko Polje, Croatia.

Day 2 – F1B at the 2009 FAI World Championships in in Krbavsko Polje, Croatia.

Day 3 – F1Cat the 2009 FAI World Championships in in Krbavsko Polje, Croatia.


Preview of “Building and Flying an Indoor Model Airplane” by Mark Allison

Darcy White Builds a Squirrel (A small beginner’s model) in Six Minutes

How to Make a Reverse ‘S’ Hook for Rubber Scale

How to Make Small Springs