At our recent Annual NFFS Meeting many things were discussed. The budget itself was meticulously balanced with the help of our new Treasurer, Frances Masterman. Our Digest is always a topic of major concern. Can we offer color? Can we get it in the hands of our members in a timelier manner? Will the 6-issue format be successful? Does modern technology allow us to actually reduce the cost of publishing and printing? We are exploring answers to all of these questions.

We approved two candidates for scholarships and eight individuals for special service awards for their contributions to free flight and the NFFS. Scholarship winners are Miles Johnson and Chin may Jaju. Rocco Ferrario was appointed as Education Chairman. I’m sure that Rocco has some good ideas to revitalize this important phase of our existence. Bob Hanford will replace Bob Mattes as Chairman for the National Cup Program. Reports from the various committees were discussed – Indoor and Outdoor NATS, Web Site, Symposium, Elections, Competitions, and National Cup.

We did have a table space at the Perry Swap Meet. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to attend this show, you should try to make it. Three buildings of stuff is amazing. We sold some shirts, books, and hats while having some models on display. David Mills had copies of the Digest, each with a special membership app. for new members for the taking. Thank you to Paul Masterman, Graham Webster, and Dohrman Crawford for their help at the table Saturday during our Board Meeting. More of these NFFS Tables are being planned for the major contests this year.

The new two- year half price membership is doing fine. Membership Chairman, Carl Bakay, reported over fifty have already taken advantage of the offer. Thanks to Roy Hanson for sponsoring this opportunity for new members and those who were absent for a year or more. We are back to some twelve hundred members and hope to get to and beyond thirteen hundred as the year goes by. Coming soon is a mass mailing sent to all AMA members who are interested in free flight and lapsed NFFS members as well. The mailing is our new brochure all about free flight and a membership application.

Thank you to Ted Hidinger, our past Treasurer

Thank you Bob Mattes, our past chairman of the National Cup Program

Thank you Walt Ghio, the past VP of the West Section