Raffle Donations
Each year, in preparation for the NFFS scholarship raffle at the Muncie Nats, many modelers and friends of the society have donated items to be raffled or auctioned for the benefit of our scholarship program. The items arrive by a variety of means: Some are mailed to J.P. Kish, our membership chairman; some, to Phil Sullivan, our Nats coordinator; some of you leave items in the basement of the AMA Nats headquarters; some are just dropped off on the NFFS table out on the field. In many cases, we end up with no record of who made the donation, as items are delivered to a number of people and and a variety of places. Most of the items do not include a donor¹s name. Some of those who donate items would like to be recognized for their generous help. This is understandable, but as you can see, it is difficult to accomplish without our missing someone. That person could be offended. If each donor would provide a list of what they have donated, we would be most happy to recognize their generosity.
Since we are on the subject, it is time to think about what you might want to pass along to the scholarship raffle this year at Muncie. If you have items to donate, you can send them to Phil Sullivan, our Nats coordinator, at 4536 Southern Ave., Anderson IN 46013, or bring them to Muncie.

Homer Smith Retires as Treasurer
After serving as our society¹s treasurer and financial wizard for the last nine years, Homer Smith will have left that position by the time you receive this issue of Digest. Homer has done a magnificent job as the keeper of the checkbook.
Also, over these years, Homer has
. . . . waded through the IRS paper mill to obtain for NFFS its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
. . . . faithfully seen that our tax reports have been filed correctly, and on time
. . . . overseen investment of the society's funds to good advantage
. . . . provided invaluable guidance to the last three NFFS presidents.

We will miss Homer. I think he wants to spend more building time than banking time. Ted Hidinger (Glendale AZ) will be taking over management of our active accounts, writing checks as required and receiving and depositing our income from membership fees plus sales of plans and publications. Homer will continue oversight of our investments for the near future. I personally would like to extend my thanks to Homer for a job well done.

It is time again to ask all of you to sign up at least one new member this year.