During this first year I have observed and absorbed the activities and direction of the National Free Flight society. The two hot topics as I see it are:

Along with your input and suggestions, I will expound on these topics further in 2009.

I’d like to thank all those who returned their votes for the South District Vice President. 83 out of approximately 214 took the time to use a stamp and respond as of today, the 5 th. David Mills has received all of the votes and will make a very capable man for the position. I look forward to working with him in our quest to enhance the position of the NFFS in the model airplane world. The next open VP election will be centered on the North East District. Information on this election will be published in the September issue of the Digest.

After the demise of Walt Rozelle, we had two big jobs to fill – The Editor and someone to sell the ads for the Digest. Tiffaney O’Dell jumped in as Editor to replace Walt who had done this for so many years. This was a tough situation and she was quick to exhibit her talents in this position. I have heard a lot of nice comments on our publication. Thank you Tiffaney. By the way, YOU are reminded to submit material that would be suitable and interesting for all of us readers. I will keep encouraging our contributing editors to do their thing also. Tiffaney is not a mind reader.

The Board’s feeling was that the Editor should not also have to secure the ads for the Digest. So, I appointed Don DeLoach as Advertising Sales Manager. He accepted this important responsibility with enthusiasm and has provided a smooth transition which has improved the operation nicely. Thank you, Don.

If your FF Club is not listed on our web site, please notify Alan Petersen, Web Master. and I. Our web addresses are listed inside this issue. Thank you.

Happy New Year to all!

Until next time,