Most companies and organizations in the world are experiencing some challenging times financially and otherwise. Our NFFS is no exception. Shrinking numbers in our National Events, a drop in membership, and fewer symposiums sold are factors which contribute to the challenge of keeping our cash flow in good order for a short time. The Board of Directors is seeking to retool the scope of operations in the best interests of the membership to secure the National Free Flight Society during these changing times.

In order to help us keep our dream alive but not dipping into our long-range funds and not raising our dues, we need to create an opportunity for all of us to donate to the cause. Roy Hanson, Jr. called me and offered a tremendous plan, similar to that which he successfully proposed for SAM. (Society of Antique Modelers) Roy will match dollar for dollar the donations amount we generate up to $14,000 through December, 2009. What a thoughtful and generous offer on his part.

Any amount will be very instrumental whether $25, $50, or larger. And, all donations are completely tax deductable. Please send your help check to NFFS treasurer, Ted Hidinger at 26301 Buscador, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692-3242.

All names of contributors will be posted in the Digest.

Let’s do it!

Thank You
Phil Sullivan, President
National Free Flight Society