Time seems to get away from us. This year NFFS will hold two elections for board officers: The four-year term of Bob Hanford, our Central district vice president, will expire, and we will hold an election for that position. I will soon appoint a nominating committee to select candidates. Also, I am serving my final year as your president, and will not stand for re-election. The four district vice presidents make up the committee to nominate candidates. If you would like to nominate someone for either position, contact your district vice president, or get in touch with me. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are listed on page 2 of Digest. These elections will conducted by a mailed-in ballot, which will go out to all members in the fall of this year. The ballot will contain specific instructions as to who can vote for which office. In short: All NFFS members in good standing will receive ballots. But all cannot vote in the vice presidential election. The ballot will include a list of states that make up the Central District. Do not vote for a vice presidential candidate unless you reside in one of the listed states.

Family Life Members
A first-time event took place recently: the society has three people from the same family have become NFFS life members‹George Batiuk Sr., George Batiuk Jr., and Tim Batiuk. George Sr. (Life Member 4), who passed away last year, was a charter member of Denver¹s Martin Model Masters, later to become the MMM (Magnificent Mountain Men) club. Later, he was a long-time member of the MACH club in Huntsville AL, and held the Mulvihill record for a number of years.
Tim Batiuk (San Juan Capistrano CA and Life Member 58) currently chairs the NFFS scholarship committee. He is a Hand-Launch and Catapult Glider specialist, having won the Glider National Cup the last four years running. George Batiuk Jr. (San Luis Obispo CA and Life Member 60) is a top F1B flier. He has been a leader in support of our Junior team operations for many years, and has been Senior team manager. George is also director of the prestigious Max Men contest (now the Bob White Memorial), which draws international competitors to California each February.

Nats Planning
It is Nats planning time again. As I mentioned in my last column, NFFS will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year at the Nats. Come join the fun. On page 00 you¹ll find the 2007 Nats events schedule. It contains some changes from last year, so look it over and make yourself aware of any event or scheduling changes that may affect your flying this year. Dave Lacey, South District vice president, will write this column in the next issue.

And don't forget -Make an effort to sign up at least one new NFFS member this year.