President's Message
November - December 2015

It seems that this year has just blown by. NFFS has had a great year. The Indoor and Outdoor Nats (thanks to Mike Fedor, Rob Romash, Jerry Murphy, and the multitude of volunteers) were successful, the Sympo was completed on time (thanks H.G.), and everything else has been running pretty well. Thanks to all and I look forward to next year’s events running just as good, if not better.

The voting is complete for President and Central VP. So far the number of people voting has been far better than we anticipated and we have results.

I will continue being your president (thanks to Dennis Tyson for running and he has offered to assist us in the upcoming year) and Rick Pangell is the new VP (winning a close race over Faust Parker). I want to thank Bobby Hanford for his many years of service.

I really don’t know what got into me, but the last five weeks has been a building blur. I built two F1H gliders (I always liked the Jetstream so I built one and I built a Drift-a-long), a new F1P, a .020 powered ½ scale Clipper, and finally, heaven forbid, a Gollywock! It has been great fun just cutting balsa and getting back to my roots. No carbon, no auto surfaces, just the fun of feeling the knife cut through

a nice piece of balsa. My good friend Bill Shailor once told me that for him carving props is therapeutic. I now know exactly what he meant. I actually had fun making big shavings and now I am building a Brooklyn Dodger with an O&R .29. Finally, new to the fleet, is a geared Babenko F1C folder I got from Norm Poti. It sustained some battle damage (ripped off wing tips, broken tail boom, and other structural issues) but is now back together and ready for battle.

I am sad to say that I lost one of my mentors, Dick Swenson. Dick (who was my son’s godfather) has been instrumental in my modeling, full-size aircraft, and professional career. He and I flew all over the country flying FAI models and enjoying the sport. Dick was a strong contributor to NFFS and will missed. I had the honor to be with him the day before he passed and, even though he couldn’t talk, he still smiled as I told him about my modeling endeavors. I will miss our weekly talks and know that he is looking down and maybe even helping me find that elusive thermal. RIP, Uncle Dick!

The indoor community may have something to cheer about. The work is beginning to get the World Champs here in the upcoming future. Bud Layne and his group is preparing the paperwork to get a WC at West Baden, Indiana.

This will be a major undertaking and they are definitely up to the task. We will keep the membership up to date as more information becomes available. This will be pretty exciting and NFFS will do all we can to help the project.

Also, in the Indoor world, work is being done to get “permanent” site in the Midwest. Here again, the work is preliminary but stay tuned as the details are worked through. Indoor should be alive and well in the upcoming years.

So, with 2015 near the end and 2016 looming over the hills, I look forward to a great season. Work is already happening in regards to the Sympo (we have editors lined up- yes, I said editors!) and we are on the search for contest directors for the Indoor and Outdoor NATS. Why not jump in and help us out here? Did you know that there is a stipend that is paid for these positions? If you are interested, email me and I can provide you with the details.

Once again, I hope you have a great holiday season and looking forward to seeing all of you down wind!

John Lorbiecki, Hubertus, Wisc.