The NFFS President's Message for April 1998

1. The  new NFFS Nostalgia Committee has been appointed and consists
of the following members:
East: Jim Haught, Chairman (4 year term)
South: Walt Rozelle (two year term)
Central: Faust Parker (two year term)
West: Ralph Prey (four year term)
Technical Adviser: George Aldrich.

Outgoing Committee members  were:
East: Bob Larsh, chairman
Central: Jack Hamilton
South: Ron Sharpton
West: Ralph Prey
Technical Adviser: Terry Thorkildsen

If you have a chance to thank the outgoing committee members for their
service, I would appreciate it. If you have ideas that could improve the
current nostalgia scene, please tell the new committee members of your

The new committee has been charged with the following responsibilities:

1. To update and streamline the NFFS Nostalgia Rules Book and to make
it available through the NFFS publications office.

2. To streamline the process of effecting Nostalgia Rules changes and
publicize those criteria in the Digest.

3. To address the Builder of the Model rule for Nostalgia participation.

4. To make the system for approval or disapproval of proposed designs
easily understood by the membeship and to develop a rapid system of
responding to members who have proposed designs.

5. To undertake a study to look at the engines currently approved and to
determine if they are appropriate for the current times.

6. To report back to the NFFS officers in six months with progress toward
meeting these goals.

It is my hope that the nostalgia rules can be posted online and that all
eligible models and engines can be included in the online posting. This
development should be in the works by the fall of 1998.

From Bill Vanderbeek

        I am thinking about making a run of starter boxes for power
models. I built the one that Ken Oliver uses and have had a number of
people asked about getting one. The cost will depend on how many are
built so this is an inquery into how many people want one. Would you
please publish my E-mail address and home address. Bill Vanderbeek,
13300 Simon Lane, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 and

        I will follow this up with more information when I have a better
idea of the number of boxes needed.
                                        Thermals, Bill V.

Other Items !!

1. Freeflighters interested in obtaining the first editions of a Russian .020
engine can express their interest by either sending a letter or a postcard to
R.N. Palmer, PO Box 609, Palisades, NY. 10964-0609. Mr. Palmer is
working directly with the folks who produce the VA engine in Russia, and
they are planning an initial run of a new style VA .020 this Spring. Those
who express their interest now will get first choice of the engines when
they are available.

2. NFFS members and all interested free flighters are asked to assist Bill
Vanderbeek in choosing the 'One Design Model of the Year for 1999.' The
models that have been nominated are:
A-B Zeek Nostalgia model
1/2A Zeek Early Nostalgia model
1/2A Stratostreak Old Timer Glo model
1/2A Zero Nostalgia model
Stardust Nostalgia model (by Don Wensel)
Lucky Lindy A/FAI class model
Frisco Kid A Nostalgia model
Honey B Nostalgia class A model=20
1/2A Fubar Early Nostalgia model

Each person is asked to vote only once. The model receiving the most
votes will be chosen to be the One Design Event model for 1999. Four
contests in the US, including the USOC at Muncie will host the event
which features cash prizes to third place and participant certificates for all
who enter.

To vote: either send an email to Bill Vanderbeek:
drop him a postcard or letter at 13300 Simon Lane, Los Altos, CA
The balloting will be closed on June 1, 1998.

3. The 1998 Symposium pre-sale is underway. Once again this year, Bill
Vanderbeek is heading up the effort. To be listed in the Sympo publication,
a contribution of $35 is required. This will not only get you listed, but it
will also get you a copy of the Sympo hot off the press. Last year, over
400 of the 750 Sympos that were printed were pre-sold by Bill. All
members will receive a letter before the end of March.

That's it for now.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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