The NFFS President's Message for April 2001

I want all of our NFFS community to know that my wife, Barbara, was diagnosed on March 1 with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and is hospitalized in Portland, OR for treatment of this disease. Without getting into details, she was hospitalized within hours after the discovery of the disease and is receiving excellent care. Since treatment will take approximately 6 months, my flying activities will be seriously curtailed for 2001. I have made arrangements with others to take on many of the responsibilities of the Society during this time, and I will be able to keep up to speed via email since I have taken a laptop with me when I stay over in Portland. I appreciate all of the kinds wishes and prayers from the membership during this difficult time.

1. Contributions Continue. I noted several months ago that the NFFS scholarship program had received quite a boost from the estate of Joe Guylas. Last month, Joan Guylas, Joe's widow, forwarded a check for over $11,000 which was received from the proceeds of the sale from Joe's free flight and model equipment. To this, I added over $500 from the sale of most of Joe's magazine collection. All of this contribution is now invested in the Joe Guylas Freeflight scholarship program and is available to youngsters from the free flight community. If you know of any deserving youth who could benefit from some scholarship help, please nominate them for these awards. Contact Ed Lamb, Scholarship Chairman, 15911 SE 42nd Place, Bellevue, WA 98006 for details. Time is fleeting for this year so act now.

2. Nostalgia Committee. The Nostalgia Committee is now back to full strength. As you recall, when Walt Rozelle was appointed the editor of the Digest, he resigned from the Chairmanship of the Nostalgia Committee. The new chairman is Keith Fulmer, who took office in early February. To replace Walt as a member of the committee, Ron Sharpton was appointed. So the committee is now: Keith Fulmer, Chairman; Ron Sharpton, Faust Parker and Ralph Prey. Requests for approval of new models for Nostalgia designation should be directed to Keith Fulmer. He can be reached at: 1568 Kern Rd., Mishawaka, IN 46544. Phone is: 219-255-6151. Email:

3. Nostalgia Rubber. Thanks to the interest of the rubber powered free flight community, a study subcommittee has been selected to investigate the possible addition of Nostalgia Rubber to our event schedule. The committee has just begun its work, but it hopes to be able to finish in time to include its rules in the 2002 Nostalgia Rules book when it comes out in late 2001. Members of the subcommittee are: Joe Williams, Ed Konefes, George Perryman, Bud Romak and O C Stewart. Joe Williams is the chair and can be reached at: 233 Main St, Brookville, PA 15825. Phone: 814 849-7840. Email  If any of the readers have recommendations, my suggestion is that you contact one of the subcommittee members and let him know, or contact Joe directly, and he can inform the rest of the group.

4. Upcoming NFFS Elections.  Finally, it is not too late to begin thinking about the upcoming NFFS elections. According to the bylaws of the Society, elections for directors take place in odd numbered years. The offices that are up for election in 2001 are the Vice President of the East Region, presently held by Hardy Brodersen, and the Vice President of the West Region, presently held by Len Sherman. A nominating committee will be appointed soon to consider candidates for these two offices; however, if any member is interested in running, he or she should contact either of the current officers or Bob Stalick so that consideration may be given to candidacy. The election will be held in October and the office will be assumed on January 1, 2002. Candidates must be willing to attend an annual meeting and conduct business during the year via letter, telephone, and email. Expenses are offset for official activities of the Society. For further information, please contact any vice president.

5. One Design Event Models of the Year Announced.  Bill Vanderbeek, originator and sponsor of the One Design Event, has announced the Design of the year for 2003 and offers a Two Design Event for A-1 Glider to begin in 2002.
Here is a recap of the upcoming One Design Event Gas Models along with related information.

2001. The Space Rod by Vic Cunnyngham. It can be powered by any Nostalgia legal engine or any TD .049 or .051. Flight rules are the same as Nostalgia gas. Plans for the Space Rod are available from NFFS Plans Service and kits are available from BMJR.

2002. The T-Bird by Russ Hansen (Midwest). This model may be powered by any Nostalgia legal engine and will be flown according to Nostalgia Rules. Model must be the 1/2A size as kitted by Midwest. Plans are available from NFFS and other sources. Kits are available from Campbell's Custom Kits.

2003. The Starduster X by Sal Taibi (Competition Models). The model may be powered by any Nostalgia legal engine plus any TD .049 or .051. Flight rules will be the same as for Nostalgia gas. (Note: This model is not Nostalgia legal). Plans are available from NFFS and other sources. Kits are still available.

2002-2004. Non Power Two Design Event Competition.  Bill Vanderbeek will sponsor an A-1 Glider event competition which will span three years. Two models have been chosen, and the contestant may fly either of the two. They are: Warren Kurth's Jetstream and Charlie Sotich's Li'l Dip. These models will be flown according to the rules in effect in 1960, to wit: 279 sq. in. maximum surface area, total weight of at least 5.08 ounces, 50 meter towline. The flight rules will be 5 official flights of 2 minutes duration. Two attempts will be allowed for each official flight with twenty seconds are less constituting an attempt. Flyoffs, if needed, will increase by one minute each flight and no circle tow or similar development will be allowed.  Official plans for the Jetstream and the Li'l Dip are available from NFFS Plans. BMJR is expected to kit one or both of these models.

Thanks to all. I'll be back next month.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.