The NFFS President's Message for August 1998

At the annual NFFS Banquet at Muncie on July 30, the following people were

announced and presented with awards for their distinguished service to the


*Bob Larsh for dedicated service as a member and as chairman of the NFFS

Nostalgia Committee from 1983 to 1998.

*Jack Hamilton for his service as a member of the NFFS Nostalgia Committee

from 1994-1998.

*Ron Sharpton for his service as a member of the NFFS Nostalgia Committee from


*Terry Thorkildsen for his service as the technical adviser to the Nostalgia

Committee from 1990-1998.

*Fred Terzian for 18 years of dedicated service as the NFFS Publications

Director from 1980-1998.

*Bill Bogart for his editorship of the NFFS Symposium in 1995 and 1996.

*Ed Sullivan for his service as membership chairman of the NFFS 1992-1996.

*Bob Klipp for ten years of service as the NFFS Plans Chairman. 1987-1997.

The NFFS One Design Event Models have been selected:

Bill Vanderbeek announced that the 1999 One Design Event model will be Joe

Foster's Honey B for Class A Nostalgia. The plans to this model will be

available from NFFS Plans within the next 30 days. BMJR has also indicated an

interested in producing a kit for this model.

Vanderbeek also announced that the 2000 One Design Event model will be Lew

Mahieu's 1/2A Zeek for the early Nostalgia event. This model is currently

kitted by Campbell's Custom Kits and should be available from most free flight


Other news from the USOC can be found elsewhere on the AMA Website and other


I will do an update on this page in the near future.


Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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