The NFFS President's Message for August-September 2000

This is the time of the year that outdoor free flight hits its peak. The Nats are ready to begin, and summer weather is here all over the countryside. It's a great time to be a free flighter. Of interest to NFFS members, I think are the following:

•The 2000 Symposium is ready to go. Blake Jensen, this year's editor and assisted by Model of the Year Chairman, Norm Poti and Hall of Fame Chairman, Bob Beecroft, have assembled another quality product for our members and all interested free flighters. The Symposium publication will be officially unveiled at the NFFS Banquet at this year's Nats. Those of you who took advantage of the special patron's offer should have yours in the mail around August 1. Those of you who will not be at the Nats or who did not send in your patronage donation, can still get your issue. The cost is $25.00 per copy plus $4.00 postage. Order from NFFS Publications Chairman, Bob McLinden 3903 W. Temple Place, Denver, CO 80236.

•Jim O'Reilly, the CD of this year's FF Nats, tells me that we have over 100 contestants signed up as of this date (June 16). At this rate, we will have similar turnout to the past couple of years.

•NFFS Banquet. The annual NFFS banquet is set for Tuesday, August 1, at the Muncie Convention Center as in the past two years. We have one featured addition to the program this year: we have invited all of the Model of the Year winners to bring their designs for inspection. One surprise is that the caterer boosted the cost for the meal after the price per ticket was printed on the entry form. We have negotiated with them, but the cost of the banquet now exceeds the proceeds from ticket sales, so in future years, the ticket price will need to increase to reflect this increase.

•TheTexas Timers/NFFS BBQ will be held at the AMA competition building on Wednesday evening. As in the past, NFFS officers will roast and serve the hot dogs. No cost to contestants and family.

•The NFFS Board of Directors will hold its annual meeting on Friday, August 4 and appears to have a full agenda. On tap are discussions and decisions about the Science Olympics, Publications Committee Actions, National Cup, and other business. Highlights from the meeting will be covered in future issues of the Digest.

So, as you can see, this is a busy time of the year. Not only from the organization's point of view, but also from a free flighter's point of view. I hope your summer is as enjoyable.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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