The NFFS President's Message for August - September 2001

1. Distinguished Service Awards. The Vice Presidents of the NFFS regularly honor selected members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist the Society in its mission. In doing so, the officers present the Distinguished Service Award to the following members:

Roger Morrell- Roger is the current webmaster for the SCAT website, but he was also the first webmaster that the NFFS had. He established the site, maintained it, and kept it current without compensation or complaint.
Hank Nystrom- Hank has been and still is the membership chairman for the NFFS. He has established an electronic system for our members, produces and mails out the membership cards, and produces the mailing lists for the Digest. He is one of our unsung, and unpaid volunteers.
Duane Renken- Duane was the treasurer of the NFFS for 10 years, during the time of deficits and during the time when we had some money. He established our first investments and helped keep us on the financial up and up.
Tom Sanders- Tom has been one of the boosters of the Science Olympiad program, practically single handedly writing the rules for the Wright Stuff event. He is the person who helped get free flight into the hands of youngsters.
Chris Weinreich- Chris was the editor of the NFFS Digest for nearly 11 years and managed to produce an issue on time nearly every month even when help from the rest of us was not forthcoming.

To all of these stalwarts, the NFFS officers and members thank you. These awards were officially announced at the NFFS banquet in Muncie on July 31, 2001.

2. Upcoming elections: The nomination committees have done their job, and the following candidates have been selected to run for office as the Eastern Region Vice President and the Western Region Vice President. The election will be held in November. For the East, Art Ellis and Phil Sullivan were nominated. For the West, Bob Beecroft, Terry Kerger and Bill Vanderbeek were nominated. More information on these candidates will be in a future issue of the Digest.

3. Best models/Best Freeflighters. Well, this project has certainly taken off. In my last column, I mentioned that I did not have very many nominations and begged for some more. I got ‘em.  So  far, I have received 31 letters and cards with nominations on them. Next month, I will do a listing of the whole bunch, and then we can vote to see which ones we will honor. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support on this project.

4. 2002 Sympo editor.  Bucky Servaites has stepped forward to take the editorship of the 2002 Sympo. Bucky was out of the free flight hobby for a few years but has come back with a vengeance. If you want to contact him to give him advice (or an article), you can do so by email at <> or via snail mail at: 7660 Duffield Circle, Centerville, OH 45459.

5.Purchase of 2001 Sympos. Although each member had a chance to become a patron of the Symposium, only about 400 members do so. For everyone else--the other 1300, the Sympo can be purchased after the FF Nats in August. The cost of the current sympo is $25 plus $4.00 postage. Send your order to Bob McLinden,  PO Box 7967, Baltimore, MD 21221.

6. Symposia on CDs. Speaking of the Symposium, Bob McLinden is investigating the possibility of making the old Symposia available on CD. It appears that all of them from 1970 to the present are available and can be put on a CD. If you would be interested in such a CD, contact Bob at <> or at the above address.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.