The NFFS President's Message for December 1999

1.USIC and USOC.

The latest news from the contest front is the announcement of the dates for next year's USIC and USOC. For the USIC, the event will begin with competition on May 31 and end on June 4, 2000. C.D., Chuck Slusarczyk has determined that the first day, which has been usually set aside for practice, will now be a competition day. Although the event schedule is still being discussed, a couple of events are being dropped, including: AMA International EZB, Pro-20 and Legal Eagle. Some additions are in the works, and details will be forthcoming soon. Although Chuck will be the overall CD, he will be ably assisted by Abram Van Dover, who has been appointed by AMA as the free flight category manager for both indoor and outdoor Nationals. Abram will also be the man in charge of the NFFS events at the USIC and has asked long time Indoor CD, Dave Thomson to give him a hand. It is an experienced crew and one which promises to present a solid program to our indoor fliers.

The USOC dates have been set, too. They are July 30 through August 3, which are the equivalent dates to those in 1999. Quite a bit of discussion has ensued between the Y2K CD, Jim O'Reilly and his assistant, Randy Ryan about improvements that can be made. Both Jim and Randy attended the annual Nats Planning meeting at Muncie, as did Chuck, and had a chance to compare notes with the 1998-99 CD, Phil Sullivan. It appears that changes in the 2000 event schedule will be very minor. More details on both meets will be provided as they become available. If you are planning to attend either or both of these meets, mark your calendars now.

2. NFFS Officers Action.

In past issues of the President's Column, I have presented some of the actions that the NFFS officers took at the annual meeting at the Muncie Nats. Here are some more:

a. NFFS Membership Card.

Effective with the next order of card stock, the membership chairman, Hank Nystrom, has been given permission to produce the membership card on a postcard, similar to the card SAM provides. This is easier to print and will give quicker response time to new and renewing members.

b. NFFS Member Directory.

Hank Nystrom was instructed to make printed versions of the membership list available to free flight clubs as it might prove useful in recruiting new club members. Concern was expressed about the issue of individual privacy, and consequently, the information will not be provided electronically. The books will be sold at cost.

c. Excess Publications Inventory.

The NFFS has a good stash of old Symposia and related publications. In an effort to clear this inventory and make a few dollars for the Society, Bob McLinden has been instructed to develop a sales effort to help promote sales of these copies and clear excess inventory by the end of 2001.

d. Y2K Symposium.

The directors agreed to set the price of the year 2000 Sympo at $25. Hardy Brodersen was appointed as the business manager for the Sympo and will work with the editor, Blake Jensen, to keep costs in check so that the Sympo can produce some income for the Society.

3. Final Meeting Review and the Y2K Budget.

The complete review of the 1999 Board of Directors meeting will conclude next month. Currently in the works is the NFFS budget for 2000. When it is approved by the Directors, it will be presented in the Digest for member information.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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