The NFFS President's Message for December 2000

1. Freeflight survey for outdoor nationals participants. The NFFS and AMA have joined together to survey recent outdoor free flight nationals participants regarding several issues which could have the effect of improving the Nats for future participants. If you were a Nats participant in 2000, you should have received the survey by now, and you have missed the final deadline to return it. It is possible that you did not get this survey, and if not, please contact me (Bob Stalick, address below) and request a survey form. It will be mailed to you for your immediate response. Included are questions about the organization of the events during the Nats, questions about the dates of the Nats, CD request questions and others. The results of the survey will be posted in a future President's column.

2. Completion of McLaughlan Road at the Muncie site. The AMA with some prodding and financial assistance by the NFFS has contracted to complete the remainder of McLaughlan Road at Muncie. The road now completely circumnavigates the southern end of the field. It has also been paved. The payment from NFFS came from the funds contributed to the Society by the estate of the late Tom McLaughlan.

3. Joe Guylas Contribution. Joe Guylas was the first life member of the NFFS and a long time member of the Detroit Balsa Bugs. One of our early boosters and the sponsor of our tax free status as an organization. After Joe died last year, his wife, Joan, contributed his magazine collection to the NFFS for the benefit of the Society. Elsewhere in this issue of the Digest is a notice regarding the sale of this collection. The proceeds of the sale will be given to the NFFS scholarship fund. Anyone interested in some great old magazines, many in new or near new condition, should send an SASE for further information about obtaining these classics.

4. AMA Museum to feature NFFS story. With the coming completion of the new facilities at Muncie, the Museum will take over the entire existing building. This will allow it to enlarge significantly. NFFS has been contacted by the AMA to contribute items of importance. Included will be history making free flight models, a complete collection of publications from the NFFS, and our Hall of Fame plus a written history of the NFFS. More information on this project will be covered in future issues of the Digest. I will be surveying members for their nominations for the most influential free flight models and modelers beginning next month, so put your thinking caps on.

5. Christmas Gift time.
With the holiday season nearly here, it is time to remember that a gift of NFFS membership or publications or shirts is a nice gift to any free flighter. We have just received a new shipment of NFFS pins, which sell for only $4 each+postage. Order any of these goodies from NFFS Publications at 3903 W. Temple Place, Denver, CO 80236. The plans list also continues to grow, and features some great new designs, compliments of the Harry Murphy collection. Contact: NFFS Plans at 203 Chevro Lane, Bellevue, NE 68005. And while you are at it, look at our own advertisers for their products. Support them because they support us.

Best of the season to all our members and free flighters around the world

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.