The National Model Airplane Program (NMAP)
In the October column, I noted that this was the NFFS Education Program. My intention was to introduce this program to you, but I forgot to include the title. It is “The National Model
Airplane Program.” This new effort to entice and keep youngsters in free flight has recently been approved by the NFFS Board of Directors and is now underway. An article in the Digest with details will be forthcoming by Program Coordinator, Rocco Ferrario. Anyone who works with youngsters in free flight and is unaware of this program needs to check the NFFS Website for details <>

Contribution for NMAP from the Black Sheep Squadron
I just received a check for $10,000 from the Blacksheep Squadron of California. The generous
contribution is to help kick off the NMAP for us. Thanks for your generosity, club members. Remember, if you want to make a contribution as an individual, it is tax deductible, since we are a 501 c-3 charitable organization. Send any contributions to NFFS, 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321.

Appointments to Office
As with any volunteer organization, the NFFS has turnover in its ranks. Consequently, we need to appoint replacements. I am pleased to announce that Jim Zolbe, from Bellevue, NE, has been appointed to the position of Publications Director. Jim will take over these duties from
Bob McLinden in August, 2003. Bob has served in this capacity for 6 years. Jim is an active free flighter and recently retired. Dave Lacey was recently appointed to a vacant position on the Planning and Operations Committee. Dave is from Alexandria, VA and is an active rubber
flier. Finally, after reviewing 5 applications for the position of Webmaster, it is
my pleasure to announce that Alan Petersen has been chosen as the official
webmaster. Alan had been operating in an unofficial capacity until the application process had been completed. It’s nice to have Alan officially on board, and it was heartening to see applications from so many qualified individuals.

John Pond Plans Service
Many free flighters have been interesting in finding out the disposition of the John Pond Plans. The NFFS had made an offer to purchase the service thanks to the generosity of a member who offered to put up most of the asking price. However, the AMA beat us to the punch with more money, and they are now the proud owners of these plans. I am not sure what the status of the service is, but I understand that it is AMA’s intention to catalog all of them and make them available to the members. Since the inventory consisted of 98 boxes of plans masters, I would not expect the task to be finished anytime soon. AMA will undoubtedly make some
announcements in the near future about this purchase.

Nats dates for 2003
In case you have not heard yet, the Indoor Nats will be held at Johnson City on May 28 through June 1. Abram VanDover will be the overall CD, but he will be seeking assistance from daily CDs as he did in 2002. The Outdoor Nats will be held in Muncie beginning July 28 and ending
August 1. Bob Perkins is the overall CD and he will be assisted by John Lorbiecki. John is already contacting individuals to assist. Please lend a hand when asked.

NFFS Elections in 2003
The current bylaws of the NFFS call for elections of officers to be held every other year. In 2002, it is an election year, and the openings for officers are from the Southern and the Central Districts plus the office of President. If you are interested in any of these offices or know someone who would make a good Vice President or President, please make yourself known. The NFFS needs some good men (and women) in leadership position.
That’s about it for now. Have a happy holiday season.

Bob Stalick