Rex Hinson
President, NFFS


Merry Christmas!

Growth of Electric
Most of us have gone our merry ways, flying our glow- or ignition-powered models, our rubber-powered events or our gliders. And many of us have given little thought to the growth of electric. Some of us likely believed that electric would be just a flash in the pan. Well, we should think again! Interest in electric free flight is growing rapidly.
How many of you have seen an F1Q model fly? Have you looked into the new E-36 event for beginners? What about the AMA Electric Classes, A and B? Have you seen an electric scale model fly? Have you observed an indoor electric model, one that, ready to fly, weighs about the same as one of those dimes in your pocket? If you haven¹t seen any of the above, you are in for a surprise when you do. Electric has the advantage of no noise, no fuel, and relative safety. The models are adaptable to fields of just about any size. In the near future we can expect more and more articles that provide particulars on building and flying of electric models.
Electric has arrived.

Future Columns
During the coming year, each of the four NFFS district vice presidents will prepare a special column to better inform the membership about what is happening in their districts. First up to the plate will be Vic Nippert, whose column will appear in January Diges. Vic will be followed by David Lacey in April issue, Bob Hanford in July and Walt Ghio in October. I look forward to each of these columns.

Wish List
Each year about this time we are all thinking about what we would like to have. It is also a good time to think about what we could do to help the growth of free flight.
Here is my wish list:
(1) Blue skies, fluffy clouds and light breezes;
(2) Short chases;
(3) Tissue that always goes on without a wrinkle;
(4) The time to build all the models I have on my "to build" list;
(5) A CYA glue that only adheres to balsa;
(6) Starter batteries that never need charging;
(7) Many flying sites;
(8) A hundred young people interested in airplanes;
(9) A hundred parents who are willing to help;
(10) An education program that all the society¹smembership took part in;
(11) And my last wish (and if you have been a NFFS president, you¹ll understand): everyone stepping forward and asking, ³What can I do to help?² Come to the NFFS Celebration This coming year will mark the 40th anniversary of our society.
In the coming months, you can expect several special features to be announced to celebrate the occasion. As NFFS was founded at a Nats, this year¹s Nats will be special, so begin making your plans to go to Muncie for the occasion. It is the time of year for us to be thankful for what we have and to enjoy the holidays with our families.

I wish you all the best in the New Year.