We are going to extend the Keep the Dream Alive program for an additional two months. As I thank those of you who have stepped up, I hope those who have not will do so before February runs down.

I recently appointed a committee for Indoor Rules. When someone calls and asks me how many grams can a propeller for a dime scale model weigh, they need an answer. There are so many events and so many rules that govern these events. This committee is composed of J.P. Kish, John Kagan, and Chr., Rob Romash. If questions arise that you cannot find, contact one of these individuals.

“It would be nice if I could join or renew my current membership in the NFFS using the internet and my VISA card.” That is a question I have heard many ask. Well, the time is here. Most of you have access to the net and are enjoying our web site. Our Web Master, Alan Petersen, is currently working on the set up which will allow this to happen. Hopefully before Christmas you will be able to use to buy a NFFS tee shirt and renew your membership with your VISA card in just a couple of minutes.

Congratulations to Warren Kurth for being inducted into the Academy of Model Aeronautics Aviation Hall of Fame. Warren’s accomplishments are many in control line as well as free flight. The January issue of MA will have more on these. He and his wife Norma are always first in line to volunteer as helpers for our Outdoor NATS in Muncie.

The FAC scale community is an important phase of free flight and is growing rapidly. On this year’s USOC event schedule, we have added a bunch of FAC events. It is hoped that we will have an increased number of scale flyers in Muncie this August.

In behalf of all of us in NFFS, I want to thank three gentlemen: Don DeLoach, our Editor, for his dedication to getting us up to date with a quality Digest; Carl Bakay, who does all of the membership duties; and Alan Petersen, Web Master who presents our web site for all to enjoy.

Keep the Dream Alive

Phil Sullivan