The NFFS President's Message for February 2000

1. NFFS election results.

We have elected two new Vice Presidents. For the Southern Region, Rex Hinson was elected to replace Louis Joyner. Louis had served with distinction during his term of office and deserves to take it easy for awhile. I have met Rex and believe he will be an excellent representative for the Southern Region.

For the Central Region, Bob Hanford will be replacing Jim O'Reilly. Jim has also been a superb Vice President and deserves some time off; however, he will be the CD of the upcoming USOC this summer, so he will not be resting. Bob Hanford has been the editor of the long-running Tulsa Glue Dobbers Free Flight Group Newsletter and has been a strong competitor for many the years.

I look forward to working with these two new officers, and I encourage any members who live in the region represented by either of them to let them know how to make the NFFS even better.

I want to personally thank Louis and Jim for their work as Vice Presidents during their terms of office. Both have been generous with their time and considerable talents. Thank you, Gentlemen.

The recent election also re-elected Bob Stalick to the office of President for a four year term. The final issue decided at the election was the boundary of the Central Region, which now includes all of Missouri instead of its prior division into two parts.

2. National Cup Competition.

Also new to the scene is the National Cup Competition. This nationwide event intends to provide for competitive activities in outdoor events not currently covered by the America's Cup competition. In fact, the National Cup is modeled very closely after the America's Cup and Roger Morrell of the SCAT club was very helpful in making suggestions to improve the product. Bob Perkins will head up the National Cup this year and committee positions are now being filled. Charles Caton and Bob Johannes have been appointed as of the date I am writing this column. Representatives from the Eastern and Western Regions are still being recruited.

The National Cup scoring begins January 1 of each year and ends on December 31. All awards will be presented to the winners at the AMA FF Nats in August after the end of the competition.

3. NFFS Scholarship program approved.

The NFFS Scholarship program has been finally approved. It went through a great deal of discussion and revision, but under the leadership of Ed Lamb, it has finally emerged and is ready to receive applicants. If you have a son or daughter who is currently a high school Junior or Senior, he or she is eligible to apply. The complete program can be seen elsewhere in this issue of the Digest and on the NFFS website, where forms may be downloaded.

Thanks to the committee: Blaine Miller, Art Ellis, Larry Kruse, and chairman Ed Lamb.

4. New NFFS brochures available.

New brochures promoting the NFFS should be ready by the time you read this column. Club officers who would like to have an updated version can order them at no cost by either sending a letter or email to Bob Stalick, 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321. Email:

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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