The NFFS President's Message for February 2001

1. Editor Appointed. It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Walt Rozelle to serve as the editor of the NFFS Digest. Walt brings with him a wealth of experience and talent in the field of publication, where his editorship of the industry publication, Textile World, has garnered several prestigious awards. Walt has also had previous experience with the Digest, when he did an editorial stint in the late 1960's. He is an active free flight competitor in FAI, Nostalgia and AMA events, and he actively supports the FAI Team Selection Program as an event director. He was a member of the Nostalgia Rules committee, serving most recently as its chairman, where he directed the rewrite and reorganization of the official rulesbook. Walt will take over the reins from Chris Weinreich, who has been editor of the Digest for the past 11 years. He is a member of the Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta, a very active free flight club.

All club newsletter editors should put Walt on their mailing list. He can be reached at 926 Argonne Ave, NE. Atlanta, GA. 30309. I expect that Walt's first issue of the Digest will be out in March, 2001. Please welcome him to this position, and remember that the Digest is only as good as the contributions it receives.

2. Scholarship Contribution. In December, I received a contribution to the NFFS scholarship fund from Joan Guylas in the amount of $10,000. It was presented in the name of the late Joe Guylas, who was Life Member #1. Joan has asked that the fund be named in Joe's memory, which we have agreed to do. My appreciation goes to Joan for her generosity. A reminder to all potential future donors: the NFFS is a tax exempt charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible. 

3. Nats Survey. In November, AMA and NFFS cooperated in surveying all contestants who flew in the 2000 Nats at Muncie. 239 forms were mailed out, and 113 were returned. A number of respondents made helpful comments, which will be summarized in a future issue. Here are the results of the voting on the four questions asked in the survey (questions are abbreviated): 

Question 1 - Do you favor rotating the events each year with Sunday events in 2001 held on Monday in 2002, etc.
Yes- 33, No-72, No preference -9
Result-no need for a change in the weekly event schedule.

Question 2 - Do you favor rotating events within the schedule, eg: FAI events rotated while other events remain on the same days?
Yes - 38, No-69, No preference-6
Result-No need for a change in the daily organization of events.

Question 3 - Do you favor moving the competition to a Monday-Friday schedule from the current Sunday-Thursday schedule?
Yes-60, No-46, No preference-7
Result-A slight majority favors changing to Monday-Friday. (53% favor the change)

Question 4- Do you favor moving the competition to an earlier date in the Summer to avoid conflicts with the crops near the field?
Yes - 27, No-80, No preference - 6
Result - No change in time of year for the competition.

Note that the Sunday-Thursday days for 2001 have been set since last Fall, they are: July 29-August 2. Any changes in days of the week would first occur in 2002. The dates for the Nationals are set by the AMA and any changes would need to be approved by them. We will request a Sunday-Friday schedule beginning in 2002.

4. Nostalgia Committee Opportunity. With the appointment of Walt Rozelle as editor of the Digest, an opening on the Nostalgia committee is now available. Anyone interested in being appointed to this position should contact Southern Vice President, Rex Hinson. Interest in the Nostalgia event and communications skills are required. Email access is highly desirable

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.