The NFFS President's Message for February 2002

1.  Welcome New Officers. I want to personally welcome our two new Vice Presidents to the fold. Art Ellis was elected from the Eastern District and Bill Vanderbeek was elected from the West. Both will serve a four year term beginning  January 1, 2002. One of the first duties each has will be to appoint committee members to the Nostalgia Committee and to the Scholarship Committee. As of this writing, these appointments have not been made. I look forward to working with both of these quality individuals, and I want to express my appreciation to Phil Sullivan, Bob Beecroft and Terry  Kerger for their willingness to be nominated for these positions.

2.  New Life Members. In the past 6 months or so, I have not been keeping up with some of the developments on this front, but Hank Nystrom, our membership chairman, reminded me recently that two new Life Members have signed up. They are: Bob Sundberg, who is life member number 37. Bob lives in Santa Barbara, CA. Life member #37 is Steve Bruno, who is from Oklahoma City, OK. Welcome aboard, Bob and Steve.  If any member is interested in  becoming a Life Member, contact Hank Nystrom. We are always looking to add to this small but dedicated bunch of free flighters.

3.  Muncie Field Proposal. Many free flighters are aware that AMA President Dave Brown recently  proposed an idea which would expand the use of the Muncie site for AMA members and get the AMA more exposure to the rest of the country. On the other side of this coin is the proposal that the Nats would travel around the country on an every-other-year basis. As expected, free flighters from around the USA were displeased with this part of the proposal. However, the NFFS officers believe that this proposal gives some impetus to the Society to work closer with AMA to help them achieve their goals and to still maintain a strong free flight presence at Muncie. To this end, I have appointed Bill Shailor and Bob Hanford as an ad-hoc committee to represent the NFFS with AMA on this issue. Sandy Frank, who is a member of the AMA Executive Council and a one-time active free flighter, is heading up the AMA committee to study this proposal, so our initial work with be with Sandy. I will keep the membership posted as this project develops.

4.  Feasibility Study. Over the past year and a half, NFFS members may have been aware that the Society has  been looking at ways to increase its membership, its clout and its visibility. The Planning and Operations Committee, headed by Dan Tracy, has been the point organization in our efforts. Recently,  the NFFS officers decided to take advantage of an offer to match funding with a grant of $9000 to study the feasibility that such an effort on our part would be successful. Ed Wiley, the chairman of the funding committee of the NFFS, has agreed to head up the project. More will be forthcoming on this study as 2002 moves along.

5.  New Plans Listing. I just received notice from Hank Sperzel that the new listing of plans from the “Plans Man” is available. Hank notes that there are around 600 plans on the list, including a large number from the archives of Harry Murphy. If you want a list of these plans, you can find it on the NFFS website at If you do not have web access, you can order a hard copy directly from Hank at 203 Chevro Lane, Bellevue, NE 68005. Enclose two bucks to cover cost of printing and mailing.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.