Rex Hinson

It that time again, time to make preparation for our premier contests, the USIC and the USOC. The USIC will be at Johnson City, TN June 1-5, and the USOC will be at Muncie, IN August 1-5. The CD's for the two vents are listed below for your information.

Abram VanDover
112 Tillerson Dr., Newport News, VA 23602

Outdoor NATS/USOC Contest Director
John Lorbiecki
1508 Valley View Drive, Hubertus WI 53033-9607

One item of note for this year is the entry fee for NON-NFFS flyers flying in NFFS sponsored events at the USOC. The Board of Directors voted to raise the entry fee for NON-NFFS flyers to $40.00.The first $15.00 will cover their entry fee for the first event, and the remaining $25.00 will automatically give that flyer one years membership in the NFFS. Bring your NFFS card and your AMA card to the NATS. The entry fee requirements are included on all official entry blanks. Entry blanks can be viewed on the AMA website:

After a successful swap meet last year, the swap meet is being expanded and the date changed. The big swap meet will be held on the afternoon and evening of Sunday July 31, 2005. This is the day before the NATS start. The day was changed to allow those that were flying in competition an opportunity to join in the fun. This year the amount of covered space has been doubled. We will have two tents for the swap meet and also the cookout later in the week. The swap meet is sponsored by The Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta. TTOMA again this year.

Wednesday evening August 3rd will be the annual NFFS Awards banquet. Plan on attending and showing support for Distinguished Service Award recipients, National Cup winners, and especially new members to the NFFS Hall of Fame.

Thursday evening will be the annual NFFS/Texas Timer cookout, Scholarship Raffle and Auction.
If you have any item to donate to the Raffle or Auction, please let J.P. Kish or I know what you plan to donate. Last years activities brought in over $3000.00 for our scholarship fund. We will have quite a number of potential scholarship winners in the near future, so dig out something for the Raffle or Auction. Remember, donations are tax deductible. Here is a list of those that donated last year and made the 2004 raffle and auction such a success. Our thanks to all of them. If I missed someone, it is unintentional.

Ben Cleveland
Lee Campbell
Nat Comfort
Denny Dick
Guylas estate
Dick Hall
Rex Hinson
Randell Hopkins
Artie Jessup
Louis Joyner
Jim Juhl Sr.
Tom Kerr
Larry Kruse
Marvin Mace
Tom McCoy
Hank Nystrom
Duane Renken
Walt Rozelle
Russ Snyder
C.C. Johnson
Charlie Sotich
Jim Walston
Plus two anonymous donors

Added to the flying schedule this year will be R.O.W. This event will be sponsored by the Brain busters club. If you are interested, contact Abram Van Dover at the address listed above. Due to the popularity last year, the Dakota event will be flown again. Larry Davidson and Jim Bocckinfuso will be running this event.

The Competition Committee and the Indoor flyers have just about completed plans and rules for an Indoor National Cup. Details will be announced next month.

Don't forget to renew your membership, and also sign-up at least one new member this year.

See you on the flight line.

See you on the flight line!
Rex Hinson