The NFFS President's Message for January 2001

1. Nominations for the Top Free Flighters and Top Free Flight Designs.  I have been contact by the folks at the AMA museum, and they are interested in obtaining the names of the top free f lighters and the top free flight models of all time. With the expansion of the museum, they intend to reorganize the displays and have asked all of the SIGs (Special Interest Groups) to supply a list of top free flighters and top free flight designs. Now, it would be easy for me to look over our Hall of Fame and our Top Ten Models since these categories were established, but I thought it would be a good idea to ask our members for their nominations. Here is the deal: Please submit a list of 5 people whom you believe to be the top free flighters of all time and another list of the top 5 models of all time. These two lists will be compiled and presented to the NFFS membership in the Spring for a vote on the top ten in each category.
Send your nominations in to Bob Stalick, 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321 no later than April 1, 2000. I would prefer the nominations to be on a postcard, but a brief letter would also suffice.
A ballot will be constructed for our membership and included in the June/July issue of the Digest so that all members may have a chance to vote for the top free flighters and top models of all time.

2. NFFS History Project. In conjunction with the request from AMA to provide historical information about the NFFS, Jim Haught has been designated as the official historian to produce an updated account of our organization. The most recent historical treastise was done by the late Carl Fries in 1967, so an update is definitely in order. Jim has received the full collection of old Digests and will have them bound and contributed to the AMA library. He may be in contact with some of you "old" officers for your recollections of the earlier days of the Society. If so, stretch your memories and give a hand.

3. AMA Field Donation. Some of you may not recall that two years ago, the NFFS directors voted to contribute $25,000 from the willed amount donated to the NFFS by the estate of Tom McLaughlan for improvements to the AMA field at Muncie. This project is now well underway and has been graveled and awaits paving. The expanded flight line project will connect the existing roads around the field at the South and southeast (next to the cemetery). When the project is completed, we will be able to better utilize all of the facility. Users of this field should compliment both the AMA, who put up most of the financing, and the officers of the NFFS for their foresight.

4. Junior Nationals Cup Competition. Bob Perkins and his National Cup committee have been hard at work improving the NC competition to include Junior fliers in 2001. The officers of NFFS have recently approved the program and copies are available from committee members. In 2001 Junior fliers may compete for cup points at any local contest that is registered as an NC sponsored meet. The Junior events are: AMA 1/2A Gas, P-30, Outdoor HLG, Outdoor Catapult Glider, and 1/2A Nostalgia. Committee members are: Bob Sifleet, Charles Caton, Bob Johannes, Bob Beecroft and Bob Perkins. For copies of the program, contact Perkins at 2285 Pinebrook Rd., Columbus, OH 43220.

5. Scholarship Program Changes.  The NFFS Scholarship program beginning its third year, and a couple of changes have been approved. The most important is that a high school student does not have to be a member of the NFFS to be an applicant. Now, the applicant can be nominated by any NFFS member. So, if you know of a deserving high school student who is also a free flighter, you should consider a nomination. Complete information can be found on the NFFS website or by contacting the Scholarship Chairman, Ed Lamb at 15911 SE 42nd Pl., Bellevue, WA 98006.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.