As far as NFFS affairs go, I have just a few items that need to be covered this month, so let’s get right to them.
NFFS Sympo CD Project
A t the 2000 Annual Meeting of the NFFS, the officers approved the proposal to provide all of the Symposium reports to our members via CD Rom. During the past year, Tim Goldstein has been working on getting these Symposiums together and scanning them onto disks. Now, the project is nearing completion and by the time you read this, it should be finished. A
formal announcement will be made in the Digest and on the NFFS website <> when the CDs are ready to sell. The cost of the complete set of Symposia up to and including the 2000 edition, will be $68 for NFFS members. Non-members will be charged an additional amount. The CDs will be indexed and will run on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Goldstein has already successfully put all of the back issues of Indoor News
and Views on CD, so he has a proven track record with projects such as this

2004 Symposium Editor
We are looking for a member who would be interested in consideration as the editor of the 2004 Symposium publication. This is a non-paying position, but has plenty of entertainment value connected with it. Arrangements for application should be directed to Walt Rozelle, editor of Freeflight.

NFFS By Laws
The NFFS bylaws were originally adopted by the membership in the late 1970’s under the leadership of Tony Italiano. Since then, they have been amended at least twice to adjust election cycles, membership boundaries and the like. Recently, Walt Rozelle and Rex Hinson did a study of these bylaws and have developed a list of changes that need to be made in order to bring them up to date with an electronic age. For example, the current bylaws do not allow votes to be taken by the elected officers using email, and require use of US Post. The current bylaws also stipulate that only one officers meeting may be held during a year and it must be in conjunction with the Nationals. Although the current officers have stretched the definition
of mail to include email, it is obvious that a number of changes are needed.
At the upcoming February meeting of the elected officers, these items and similar others will be discussed. My recommendation will be that the bylaws be put up for a vote of the membership before the 2003 meeting at Muncie. If you would like to view the current bylaws, they are contained on the NFFS website. Those who are not computer equipped may request a copy from Bob Stalick, 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321. Please send along a
business sized envelope stamped with a 37¢ stamp.

February Meeting of the Board of Directors
The NFFS Board of Directors (4 vice presidents and one president) will be held in Dallas, TX on Feb. 1 and 2. Although the final agenda is not set at this time, some of the items up
for discussion and action are: Bylaws Amendments to be referred to the membership; Organizational structure: Who reports to whom? Are changes needed?; Fund raising needs; Appointments to committee vacancies, What is a better strategy? Review of minutes from the August meeting: What needs to be done? Who will do it? PR efforts: Who will do it? Nominating committees to be appointed for the 2003 election of officers,:Who should get membership lists? As noted above, this is not a complete list, but if we can even handle
the majority of these items, it will be a successful weekend.

Finally - Thanks for all of your support during this past year
I believe the NFFS is on the right track with our finances and with our programs. What we
need now is a larger membership base. If you know a free flighter out there who is still not a member of the NFFS, either get him to join or enroll him yourself. At $20 per year ($39 for two years), we are the best deal in the hobby. With the reduction of free flight coverage in our AMA magazine, the Digest is becoming the primary source of free flight information left. We
need all of us pulling together to succeed.

Bob Stalick