Rex Hinson

As I sit down to write my first President¹s Column for the Digest and the NFFS Web site, it causes me to reflect on the many contributions of all of those who have worked so hard to create the National Free Flight Society and keep free-flight modeling alive over the last 35 years. I hope I can hold the torch as high as each of them.

Over the past month or so, I have been maintaining close communication with Bob Stalick, our outgoing president, on selecting and appointing a public relations director to help improve the society¹s presence in the public eye. Don DeLoach (Colorado Springs CO) has accepted the position. Don is a sales/marketing executive for TV station KOAA in Colorado Springs. He is an active flier in the Denver-area Magnificent Mountain Men, and is a NFFS life member.

I have also appointed Jim Buxton (Hilliard OH) to be my liaison to the indoor flying community. Jim is a well-known indoor competitor, especially in the glider events. He recently set an FAI record in indoor hand-launch glider. Jim is enthusiastic about this assignment, and he should should provide me a source of answers to questions about the activities of those that fly indoor.

Among my major goals as NFFS president is providing our members and those that fly with us a better understanding of the costs involved in providing contest activity and other services for their pleasure. This might open up some new avenues of income to support our organization, once members and others realize some of the costs theses activities entail. It may also point
out the need to make different arrangements for some of our activities.

Hank Sperzel (Omaha NE) is stepping down as head of our plans service. I am working to find a replacement for this vital function. If you are aware of anyone who would be interested in taking on this task, please contact me. The NFFS board of directors will hold its winter planning meeting in February. If you have a topic for consideration, contact your district vice
president and make your suggestions known. Although the agenda is not yet firm, some of the items for discussion are:

Plans are set for both the NFFS Awards Banquet, and the annual Texas Timers/NFFS cookout and raffle at the Muncie Nats/U.S. Outdoor Championships. Consider items you might donate to the raffle. Send your donations to Hank Nystrom at Texas Timers. Please remember that the raffle is for a worthy cause: Raffle proceeds go to our education programs. Last year, your generosity netted more than $2,000 for our scholarship program.

NFFS has instituted two new events, Classic A-1 and Classic A-2 Glider. We will be checking on progress and acceptance of theses events to see if we want to add them to the National Cup program.

I will close with one request (It will be my closing each month): If each of
you signs up just one new member this year, our future will be secure.

See you on the flight line.
Rex Hinson