The NFFS President's Message for July 1999

1. NFFS elections.

The nominations committees have completed their work and are forwarding to the membership the following candidates for NFFS officers. >From the Central Region, to replace Jim O'Reilly, who is not seeking another term, the committee has nominated: Mike Fedor and Robert M. Hanford. From the Southern Region, to replace Louis Joyner, who is not seeking another term, the committee has nominated Rex Hinson. For the office of President, the current vice presidents, servfing as the nominations committee, have nominated Bob Stalick, who will be seeking his second term. The election of officers will be conducted in the October issue of the Digest with the new officers assuming their duties on January 1, 2000. Their terms are for four years.

2. 1999 Symposium Report.

The official unveiling of the 1999 Sympo will be at the Annual NFFS Banquet on August 3 in Muncie, IN. However, those of you who pre-ordered will be receiving yours in the mail in late July. The official announcements, which you will be reading in much of the model press shjortly, report that the Sympo is 180 pages in length. Since that public announcement was sent out, Bob Perkins, Sympo editor, has informed me that it will be around 200 pages in length. The price will be in line with the 1998 Sympo at $25 per copy with an added $4 needed for postage in the USA. Order from NFFS Publications, Bob McLinden, 3903 W. Temple Place, Denver, CO 80236.

3. 2000 Sympo Report.

The editor of the Y2K Sympo will be Blake Jensen, who is an F1B competitor and past team member. More information on Blake and the 2000 Sympo in the next installment of this report.

4. Ed Dolby Memorial.

Members need to know that Ed Dolby, for years the man behind FAI Model Supply, willed that the NFFS would receive $5,000 from his estate. The executor of the estate has b een in touch with NFFS to direct the funds to a program of interest to the family. My appreciation to the Dolby family and to the memory of Ed Dolby.

5. Annual Meeting of the NFFS officers.

The bylaws of the NFFS require that the officers of the Society meet annually. The 1999 meeting will be held at the Hotel Roberts in Muncie the morning after the USOC ends. August 6, 1999.

6. Annual Picnic and Hot Dog Wiener Roast.

Hank Nystrom, with a bit of help from the NFFS officers, will be hosting a wiener roast at the USOC on Wednesday, August 4. All contestants at the USOC and friends are invited to attend, Phil Sullivan, USOC CD, will be handing out trophies from the first four days of competition.

7. USOC and Grand Event now history.

The NFFS co-sponsors, with AMA, the USIC in Johnson City each year. This year's event, held the first of June, was once again ably run by Dave Thomson. Dave Linstrum was coaxed out of literary and photographic limbo to do a report for the Digest. Right after the USIC, the AMA sponsors what it calls the Grand Event, held at the Muncie site. Once again Dave Linstrum represented the NFFS for this activity. He was ably assisted by Lee Campbell and a number of the area modelers from the CIA. Linstrum's reports can be found in this and future Digests.

8. FAI Team Fund Raiser.

The NFFS has offered to receive funds donated on behalf of the US FAI Team. Actually, Bob Johannes, who is the lead officer of a new technically based free flight club, called AAES, has been doing the soliciting, and because the NFFS is a qualified 501 c-3 IRS organization, any donations made to the team can be deducted from your federal income tax next April 15. Send your check to Frank Zumer, NFFS Treasurer, 801 Quaker Ridge Road, Mebane, NC 27302. Clearly indicate that the check is for the US FAI FF Team fund. Thanks.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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