I am pressed for space this month, so I will make these news bits short and to the point.
•President and Central VP Candidate
The upcoming vacancies for VP of the Central District and President have a slate of nominees. You will be voting in October for President, and the nominee is Rex Hinson. If you live in the
Central District, you will be voting for your VP. The candidates are: Bob Hanford, incumbent, and Faust Parker.

•Bylaws Vote
The vote count for the change in bylaws is complete. The final tally is 430 to accept the change, 7 opposed and 3 ballots without a mark either for or against. All of the ballots are being held for 90 days for inspection or recount.

•Membership Chairman
We have a new membership chairman as of September 1, 2003. After seven years of service, Hank Nystrom is stepping down, and JP Kish is picking up the job. JP will begin processing memberships on September 1, so make sure any information you have that lists Hank as the membership chairman is changed. JP’s mailing address is: 22 Pine St., Homosassa, FL 34446.

•Dues Increase
As noted recently in this column, the dues for membership in the NFFS will increase as of January 1, 2004. If you want to renew at the current rate, you should do so ASAP. The standard rate for one year will change from $20 to $25. Life memberships will increase from $450 to $500 for US members and $550 for overseas members.

•Life Members
I wanted to acknowledge two new Life Members who have recently signed on. They are: Lawrence Bagalini, who is Life Member #43, and Bill Landrum, who is Life Member #44. Lawrence is from Ramona, CA, and Bill hails from Irmo, SC. Thanks to both of you for your support of the NFFS.

•2003 Sympo
If you did not purchase a 2003 Symposium as part of the NFFS Patrons program, then you will want to order one after they become available in early August. You can do so by sending a check for $25 plus $4 postage to our new Publications Director, who is Jim Zolbe. Jim takes over from Bob McLinden on August 2, 2003. Jim’s address is 4801 Bradock Ct., Lincoln, NE. 68516.

•2004 Symposium Editor Announced
Walt Ghio has signed on as the editor of the 2004 Symposium. Those of you who didn’t get your articles done in time for the 2003 Sympo now have a short reprieve, but don ‘t wait too long. Walt will be looking for articles and features as soon as the 2003 Nats. Contact him at
1380 Elkhorn Dr., Stockton, CA 95209.

•Donations to the Nats Scholarship Drawing
If you read this prior to July
20 or so, you still have time to send your donation to Hank Nystrom for the 2003 raffle drawing at the Muncie Nats. Send it to Hank at 3317 Pine Timbers Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604. The value of your donation is tax deductible.

Thanks all. I will see you at the Muncie Nats.