The NFFS President's Message for June 1999

1. The NFFS Webmaster.

For the websurfers out there who keep looking at the NFFS website you have undoubtedly noticed that the news tends to look pretty much out of date most of the time. As many of you know, the website is tended by Roger Morrell as a service without cost to the NFFS. Recently, I posted a request to the website asking for someone who would like to tend it and keep it updated and upgraded. I had two takers. First in line was long time stalwart NFFS member, Joe Mekina. Joe is now hard at work updating the information on the site, correcting a number of out of date links and generally sprucing it up. As we get the current site up and running well, we will be looking at other services that the website can provide to our members, so keep looking. Your comments would be welcomed as well.

2. New Hall of Fame Chairman appointed.

Each year, the NFFS selects free flighters who have provided outstanding service to our sport. The committee to do so is made up of three members who have a long history with freeflight and with NFFS. The new chairman, who will serve for three years, is Bob Beecroft. Bob replaces Jim Haught who just completed his three year term with the 1999 Sympo. As a curious sidelight, Beecroft's other two committee member are Bob Hatsheck and Bob Stalick--the three Bob's committee or something like that.

3. Nostalgia Rules Books Available.

The long awaited NFFS Nostalgia Rules Book #5 is now available from NFFS Publications. The cost of the book is $5.00 postpaid and includes the book plus an updated listing of the eligible models. The Nostalgia Committee decided to separate out the listing on a separate photocopy list so that it could be continually updated. Order directly from NFFS Publications, %Bob McLinden, 3903 W. Temple Place, Denver, CO 80236.

4. NFFS Survey.

If all goes well, you will see Len Sherman's report on the recently completed NFFS membership survey in this issue. Please look it over carefully, and note a couple of things that stood out, at least they stood out to me:

I am sure you will find some other interesting facts and draw some of your own inferences about us.

5. Help Needed.

We are looking for help for the editorship of the next Sympo, with the 10 Models of the Year committee, for contributors to both these projects. We also will be looking for help as event directors at the USOC, members of the newly formed Youth and Scholarship committee, etc. We are always looking for someone who is a skilled draftsman to help us do the full sized plans for our Plans Service. If you have some time, some ability and want to help, let me know either via email or via US Mail at 5066 NW Picadilly Circle, Albany, OR 97321.

6. Flying Models Magazine

Flying Models magazine has informed me that they are interested in publishing several free flight duration articles every year. This is welcome news for all of us who support this publication. The details of the submissions are: the subject can be rubber, glider or gas; the article needs to be around 1200 words; the photos need to show some construction details as well as the completed model; and the full sized sketch needs to be in rather complete pencil quality. Approximately 10 to 12 useable photos should be included. Since the readership of the magazine tends to be less "cutting edge", high tech models are probably less apt to be accepted than more common style designs. Nostalgia Gas and Limited Power models could be a good starting place as well as simple F1J types. For further information, contact Larry Kruse at 1204 S. Mansfield Dr., Stillwater, OK 74074. Phone: (405) 372-2538 (home ).

7. Sympos pre-sale and Tax Deductions

NFFS Sympo Presale can qualify as a 501 c-3 deduction. The cost of the upcoming 1999 Symposium publication will be $25.00 plus postage. For those of you who have already sent in your presale contribution, you may wish to note that anything beyond the $25.00 cost can be considered a tax deduction for your next income tax statement. For those who have not yet sent in your contribution, please do it ASAP and get your name mentioned as a contributor plus you will receive the new Symposium as soon as it is off the press. Send to Bill Vanderbeek at 13300 Simon Lane, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022. If you did not get the presale letter from Bill, then you are not currently a member; however that does not keep you from contributing. The minimum presale contribution is $35, but most members are sending in more.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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