This will be a short column this month, as the weather is getting better outside here in Oregon, and I have been preparing for my first big outdoor contest of the season. I leave tomorrow and will fly at the legendary Waegell Field east of Sacramento.
•Ballots for the Bylaws Change.
I am pleased to share with you the news that the bylaws votes have been coming in at a steady rate and we have easily made the minimum vote so that the change will be valid. Although I haven’t counted the ballots yet, the votes appears overwhelmingly in favor of the change. I will report in the next issue of the Digest, after the deadline for receiving votes has passed, the results. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in this important election.

•NFFS Officers Nominations.
According to the current bylaws, the nomination of officers is conducted by a nominating committee appointed by the current Vice President and the President of the Society. Since I am not running for office again, I appointed a committee for the selection of a nominee for President, which is headed by Hardy Brodersen. The committee has one candidate locked up as of the day I am writing this article ( May 1, 2003). That candidate is Rex Hinson. Rex is currently the VP from the Southern District, and should he be the only candidate, or should he be elected from among two or more candidates, he would be required by the new bylaws to
appoint his successor from the Southern District. His successor would serve until the next election, at which time he could choose to run or not.
The next position to be filled is the position of Vice President of the Central District. This is an office currently held by Bob Hanford. The committee to nominate candidates from the Central District was headed up by Jim O’Reilly, and he reported to me just today that they have one candidate for this office. It is Bob Hanford, who has chosen to run again for his current position.
At this time, then, the election, which will be held in October, shapes up as a two person arrangement. Of course, write in votes are always accepted, and anyone interested in putting his hat in the ring in either of these races may do so, but the time for action is short.

•Symposium Solicitations.
Each year about this time, Bill Vanderbeek sends out letters to all of the members asking them to become patrons for the upcoming Sympo. By the time you read this, you should have received your letter. I urge you to write a check and forward it to Bill at your earliest convenience. Those who send in right away will get their names listed in the Symposium, and anyone who sends in will receive his publication hot off the press. Additionally, you will be helping the NFFS with its operating expenses. Send it in now, and thanks in advance for your help.

I had hoped to be able to feature my F1P model as a three view this month, but unfortunately, the three view and full sized plans are not complete yet, so it will need to slip to the next issue of the Digest. I hope everything will be ready to go by then. In the meantime, I will be enjoy ing the outdoor weather and hope to get some flying time in.

See you at the flying fields,
Bob Stalick