Rex Hinson
President, NFFS



Periodically, it seems appropriate to remind some of our NFFS members‹and some who have elected not to support our society through their membership‹of what NFFS is and is not. This reminder seems especially ap-propriate for those who elect to lambaste the society on some of the chat-room banter.
NFFS is . . .
. . . an organization whose purpose is promoting and preserving the interests of free-flight aeromodeling.
. . . a provider of educational programs and scholarships to deserving young free flighters. The NFFS scholarship committee reviews all applicants and judges them on scholastic achievement, community involvement, extracurricular activities and involvement in free flight.
. . . responsible for recruiting and providing contest directors and teams of volunteers to manage both the Muncie Nats/U.S. Outdoor Champs and the Johnson City Nats/U.S. Indoor Champs.
. . . closely working, on an ongoing basis, with AMA on matters pertaining to flying sites, including Muncie and Johnson City, to ensure that we have appropriate flying sites.
. . . a monitor, through its Competition Committee, of free-flight competition rules. NFFS has helped in developing of many competition events.
. . . responsible for ensuring support of contest directors, and appointing the free-flight representative to the annual Nats Planning Council meetings.
. . . originator, manager and scorekeeper of annual National Cup competitions. Popularity of these competitions prompted NFFS to initiate, beginning this year, National Cup competitions for indoor.
. . . publisher, for 38 years, of the world-recognized NFFS Symposium . . . provider of a publications service where you can order Symposiums, other books, video material and some clothing items.
. . . responsible for recognizing deserving members with Distinguished Service Awards and, ultimately, induction of those most deserving into the NFFS Free Flight Hall of Fame.
. . . provider of a comprehensive Web site that is devoted to furnishing ongoing information to the free-flight community.
. . . librarian for a comprehensive plans service which is currently undergoing conversion to digital storage. These plans are available for purchase.
. . . supporter, promoter and provider of financial assistance to our indoor and outdoor FAI World Championships teams, Juniors and Seniors.
.. . . growing its membership. You will be happy to know that the NFFS drive for additional members is bearing good results. It offers a plans certificate to new or returning former members signing up by August 31.
As of early May, it has garnered 49 new members and 23 who had let their membership lapse. Of the 72 recently signing on, seven are Juniors and 12 are international members.

The National Free Flight Society is not . . .
. . . a magazine publishing house. Our Digest is an adjunct of membership, produced 10 times annually as an information platform for our members.
The most-persistent complaint against Digest is tardy delivery. This ongoing problem has been addressed and investigated many times. It has no simple solution, short of upgrading the society's dues structure to accommodate an upgrade in Digest postal mailing rates.
. . . an organization with a huge staff of paid professionals. The society depends on volunteers for its growth and operation. If you have a suggestion that will improve our society and its goal of promoting free-flight model aviation, contact your district vice presidents.
Your district vice presidents were elected to represent your interests in NFFS. Please make certain that I am aware of the contacts you make with your VP. Using our established table of organization will prove to be a more productive process than, say, voicing your displeasure about NFFS through a chat room.
It is unfortunate that many who complain about perceived problems with the society do only that complaining rather than offer constructive solutions and their own efforts toward remedying the problems.
It is time for all segments of free flight to work together. The more unified our voices, the more we can accomplish. If you are unhappy with any matter, come to NFFS for help in resolving the problem. You might find that volunteering to help solve problems will be better for free flight than complaining.
Have you signed up a new member this year ?

Rex Hinson