The NFFS President's Message for June-July 1998

Orders for the 1998 Symposium are now being shipped by NFFS Publications

Director, Fred Terzian. Order directly from him at: 4858 Moorpark Ave., San

Jose, CA. 95129. The cost for the 1998 Sympo is $25 for NFFS members and $30

for non-members. Please enclose an additional $4 for shipping costs.

Symposium Patrons have already received their copies and the public unveiling

of the book will be at the USOC in Muncie, Indiana on July 30, 1998.

Freeflighters who are considering being contributors to the 1999 Symposium

may wish to be thinking about their submissions. The 1999 editor will be

announced at the July 30 NFFS banquet in Muncie and will be announced on this

website a short time later.


The Table of Contents for the 1998 Symposium is:


-Flutter by Sherman

-Dihedral by Bauer

-Propeller Logic by Norris

-Climb Trim for F1B by King

-DT Sink Rate by Annis

-Sun, Moon and Contests by Andresson

-CG Position by Jossien

-Color Study by Jahnke and Roussel


-Small Engine Testing by Stalick

-CO2 Secrets by Mueller

-Gearing for Success by Gieskieng

-F1C Testing by Galbreath


-F1D Participation by Brown

-Indoor Handicapping by Olm


-Avionics by Morrell

-Servo Driven F1A Stabs by Schlosberg

-Concerns for FF Electronics by Joyner and Hinson

HL Glider

-Hand Launched and Happy by Brown

-Tareaucat by Lonergan


-Youth Participation by Ellis

-Build or Buy by Stiles

-Introduction to F1C by Waterman

1997 US Team by Cowley

NFFS Hall of Fame Selections reported by Haught

Models of the Year (more than ten!) by Perkins

The selections are:

F1A-Hi-Brid by Van Wallene

F1B- Unnamed by  Rosonokds

F1C-Excalibur by Koster

F1D-Garfield Lite by Doig

F1G-Linda Mk8 by King

F1H - Murray by VanNest/Pissany

F1J-Pegasus by Lynch

AMA Outdoor Designs

Small Power- Li'l Chugger by Dunham

Large Power-Prime Time by Keck

Small Rubber-Sparrowhawk by O'Dwyer

Large Rubber-Equalizer by Bienenstein

AMA Indoor Designs

Scale-General Aristocrat by Rees

HLG-Quantum 2 by Surtees

Rubber-Mini-Quark by Tagliafico


Gadget: Torque Meter by Hinson

Component: F1D VP Prop by Banks

Plus the usual cartoons, photos and comments.

In all, it's a jam packed issue. A collector's item.

More to come!

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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