The NFFS President's Message for June - July 2000

1. Welcome to four new Life Members of the NFFS.

Over the past year, four of our members have chosen to become Life Members. I would like to acknowledge their support of the NFFS via this column and welcome them to an elite group of free flighters. They are: Verene Gremel, LM #30 from Austria; Jim Bradley, LM #31 from Florida; Ron Sharpton, LM #32 from Florida; and Ted Patrolia, LM #33 from Massachusetts. Verene is our first Life Member from outside the USA. While I am at it, anyone can become a Life Member by sending in $450 for US residents and $500 for those who live outside the USA. Those of you who feel this is a bit steep, then I encourage you to pay your membership in two year increments. This gives you a slight financial advantage and makes our membership chairman, Hank Nystrom, happier since it takes him just as long to process for one year memberships as it does two years.

2. NFFS Banquet and BBQ.

Once again this year, the NFFS will be sponsoring its annual awards banquet at the USOC. This year's event will occur in the Muncie Convention Center, as it has the past two years, on Tuesday evening, August 1. The hot dog barbecue will be held at the flying field on Wednesday evening, August 2. This event is sponsored by Hank Nystrom, of Texas Timers, and assisted by the NFFS. We are working on the possibility of holding an oral auction of modeling items during the bbq with the proceeds to be used for the Junior FAI program and the NFFS Scholarship fund. Plan to attend both of these events.

3. Limited Power Rules Change Proposal.

In the last issue of the Digest, Charles Caton had a letter published which commented on the "Stalick" proposal for Limited Power which passed the initial vote by the FFCB. Charles wondered whether the proposal was sponsored or supported by the NFFS officers. For all readers, I assure you that this proposal was submitted by me as an AMA member and is not part of any official action by the NFFS or its officers.

4. Science Olympics.

Over the past several years, the Science Olympics has sponsored an event that features some form of indoor beginners model building and flying activity. This is an opportunity that is being thrust into the face of all of us free flighters, and we need to take advantage of it. Both the AMA and NFFS are discussing the roles which we should play in this project. In the meantime, I urge our members to be aware of the program and to see if a local school is involved. Volunteer to help. It's great fun, and it's very rewarding.

That's it for now.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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