Get those ballots mailed in!
Last month, the ballot for the Top Ten Free Flight Models and the Top Ten Free Flighters was contained in the Digest. Since it came out, I have received a nice number of them on a daily basis, but so far, fewer than 100 of you have bothered to send them in. Several of the free flight newsletters which I receive now have a copy of the ballot as well. Thanks to the editors for doing this service. The cutoff date for having them mailed is September 1, 2002. If you haven't done so yet, dig up that May-June issue, fill in the ballot and send it in ASAP. Thanks.

NFFS Education Plan is Moving Ahead.
Recently, the NFFS Board of Directors adopted, by a majority vote, the Education Plan of the NFFS. It will begin its initial stage of implementation in the fall of this year. Dan Tracy, the lead man on the development of the plan, has lined up a number of folks who are interested in helping with the initial stage of instruction. Anyone who would like to help instruct youngsters in the finer art of free flight using the NFFS template or anyone who would like to serve as a member of the education committee should contact either Dan Tracy or Bob Stalick. Dan can be reached at PO Box 244, Maple Valley, WA 98038, phone: 425-432-0585. I can> be reached best by email at <>

NFFS Education Plan Workshop at the 2002 Nats.
Art Ellis, Eastern District VP of the NFFS will be conducting our first education workshop at the 2002 Nats. Art has many years experience in instructing youngsters in the finer aspects of building and flying free flight models. The workshop will be held in the upstairs meeting room at AMA HQ on Tuesday, August 6, beginning at 6 PM. Although the workshop is intended for the invited instructor cadre, anyone interested in finding out more about the program should attend. The workshop begins at 6 PM.

Annual Meeting of the NFFS.
The annual meeting of the NFFS will be held at AMA HQ at Muncie on August 10. The agenda will be pretty much set as you read this, but if anyone would like to have us consider an item for the agenda, please contact your district VP: Bill Vanderbeek, Western; Bob Hanford, Central; Rex Hinson, Southern and Art Ellis, Eastern.

Check out the New Website.
If you haven't looked at the newly revised NFFS website at <> you need to do so. It is slick and attractive. Although it is still in the development stage, many new features are installed or updated regularly. Also, please note elsewhere in this issue of the Digest that we are looking for a full time webmaster. Alan Petersen, who did the site development work, is the interim webmaster, so if anyone is interested in applying for the permanent position, look for the announcement elsewhere in this issue.

Muncie Site Concerns.
Recent actions by some free flighter using the Muncie site have made it apparent that a review of the use of this facility is in order. Specifically, it is the use of the surrounding area that has been of concern. AMA has been in regular contact with the folks whose properties bound the flying site. In fact, some of that property has been purchased by AMA and is rented out to others. AMA has also purchased additional insurance to cover damage caused by models and fliers who leave the field and trespass on the property of others.

Here is the golden rule: If you leave the flying field and need to cross into or over property owned or lived in by others, please ask to do so!! The neighbors are aware of when the free flighters have meets on site and by and large, they are understanding of our hobby. Please help us by being a good neighbor and all of us can continue to use this site well into the future.

That's it for now. I hope to see many of you at the Nats.

Bob Stalick