The NFFS President's Message for March 1999

1. The NFFS has just received word from the IRS that it has been granted 501 c-3 status, which means that any donations can now be tax deducted by the donor. This would include money or property donations. The requirements of the law include the obligation to provide a document to all donors whose contributions exceed $250 indicating that the donation did not cause the individual donor to receive added benefits. More details will be available in the NFFS Digest.

2. A free flight benefactor has given the NFFS $1000 to promote activity in the USOC at Muncie this August. The money will be paid to the High Point winner in a combination of AMA events. This award is not to be misconstrued as the Free Flight Championship award which is under the sponsorship and regulations of the AMA. More details on this award will be found in the Digest.

3. The AMA Open cargo record has stood for a long time. In order to encourage competitors to break this record, an anonymous contributor has provided a $100 prize to the first person who does so. NFFS will handle this award. 4. Bob Beecroft has accepted the position of Hall of Fame Chairman for the NFFS. Bob replaces Jim Haught, who has stepped down at the end of his three year stint of service. Bob will be announcing the nominations process in an upcoming issue of the Digest.

5. Len Sherman and his wife have completed counting the survey forms from the membership and are preparing a report for the Digest. Over 300 (of the 1800+) NFFS members responded. Of interest is the age of the majority of the respondents. Folks, we now have reached the "Over 60" age barrier. More details in the Digest.

6. Finally, for now, I am looking for someone who is websavvy to be the person who tends this website. This volunteer needs to be free flight oriented, have a sense about what is news, be a bit pushy, and have a few hours a week to devote to keeping this website looking good, up to date, and useful. If you meet these requirements, contact me (Bob Stalick) via email: thanks.

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.

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