The NFFS President's Message for March 2002

1.  Rotating Nationals. In the last column, I commented upon the idea floated by AMA President, Dave Brown, to rotate the Nationals on an every-other-year basis to different venues around the USA. I noted that I had appointed NFFS VP, Bob Hanford, and Bill Shailor to a committee to work with AMA committee chairman, Sandy Frank, to see whether this proposal could be altered. I am pleased to report that the committee has concluded its work and has submitted a proposal to Frank containing suggestions which would benefit both the AMA and free flight. In brief, the letter recommends that the FF Nats continue to be held at Muncie every year and that field access be expanded for FF use. Additionally, it recommends that the AMA have a presence at the major free flight meets around the country. This presence could be in the form of a representative who would assist with contest management, who would sell AMA memberships and paraphernalia, and would be able to listen to the concerns of free flighters about the AMA. The proposal was submitted to Frank, who has informed NFFS, that he and his committee will recommend to Brown that the FF Nats remain in Muncie. 

So, at least for the present, this issue appears to be dead.

2. Barbara Stalick Fund. After my wife’s death,  several of the directors of the NFFS began a memorial fund for her with the purpose of providing a place for donors to contribute toward youth programs. Barbara was a high school teacher during her professional career, so youth programs would be an appropriate memory. Soon, this fund had grown to over $1000. Recently, I approved payment of $1000  from this fund to assist the Junior Indoor Team for their travels and entry. If anyone is interested in adding to this fund, please send a check in any amount to Homer Smith, NFFS Treasurer, 14719 32nd Drive SE, Mill Creek, WA 98102. Remember that all contributions to the NFFS are tax deductible as we are a 501 c-3 organization.

3. Plans Catalog Correction. In the last issue of this column, I noted the cost of the new Plans catalog at $2.00. Sorry! It’s $5.00. And we have a large number of new plans in it. If you haven’t ordered one yet, time’s a wasting.  Order it from NFFS Plans Service, 203 Chevro Lane, Bellevue, NE 68005. (or download it for free from the NFFS website -ed note)

4. •Scholarship Raffle. Every year for the past several Freeflight Nationals, Hank Nystrom  has sponsored a drawing with 100% of the proceeds going to the NFFS Scholarship fund. In order to have a drawing,  Hank needs prizes. So, here is your chance to donate some prizes for this raffle. Freeflight equipment, kits, engines, and the like are all welcome. If you want to contribute, send them to Hank Nystrom,3317 Pine Timbers Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604.

5. 2002 NFFS Budget. Every year, the NFFS Directors approve an operating budget for the upcoming year. This is the budget for 2002. If you have questions about it, ask your NFFS VP, or email me at <> This budget does not show the amount of money in the various funds, eg: Scholarship Fund, FAI Fund, etc. This budget information will be provided at a later date. 

 NFFS 2002 Operating Budget  

  1000 Revenue:      
    1001 Membership Income-net         40,000  
    1002 Digest Advertising             4,000  
    1003 Current Symposium             23,000  
    1004 Publication Sales             10,000  
    1005 Plan Sales                     2,000  
    1006 Video Sales                      200  
    1007 USOC Proceeds Gross            7,500  
    1008 USIC Proceeds gross            5,800  
TOTAL 1000 Revenue                     92,500  

  2000 Indirect Income:
    2001 Undirected Contributions         100  
    2002 Memorial Funds                   500  
    2003 Investment Income Interest     1,200  
    2004 Miscellaneous Income             500  
  TOTAL 2000 Indirect Income            2,300  
Total Income                           94,800  

  3000 Direct Expenses:     
    3001 Digest Printing costs         32,000  
    3002 Digest Editorial Cost          9,900  
    3003 Digest Honoraria               1,500  
    3004 Symposium Printing Costs      12,000  
    3004-1 Sympo Pre-sale Mailing       3,000  
    3005 Symposium Editorial Cost       1,500  
    3006 Video Production Costs           250  
    3007 Plan Service Costs               700  
    3008 Publication Costs              1,500  
    3009 USOC Expenses 2002             3,500  
    3009-1 USOC Expenses 2003             150  
    3010 USIC Expenses 2002             4,000  
    3010-1 USIC Expenses 2003               0 
    3011 Internet Costs                 5,000  
    3012 Nostalgia Committee              750  
    3013 Advertising Expense            1,000  
    3014 National Cup Expenses          1,000  
  TOTAL 3000 Direct Expense            77,750  

4000 Indirect Expenses:  
    4001 Membership Maintenance Cost    2,500  
    4002 Postage                          600  
    4003 Professional Fees-Office       1,000  
    4004 Public Relations & Brochure    1,000  
    4005 Telephone-Email                  300  
    4006 Travel Cost-Annual Meeting     3,100  
    4007 Project Cost                   1,000  
    4008 Banquet Speaker Costs            250  
    4009 Miscellaneous Costs              500  
    4010 P & O Committee Expense        3,000  
    4011 Contingency Expense            3,800  
TOTAL 4000 Indirect Expenses           17,050 
     TOTAL EXPENSES        94,800

Bob Stalick, NFFS President.